Thursday, December 24, 2015

A game at last !!!!!

Not much time for wargaming of late but did mamage to arrange a game this Christmas Eve with Stephen.
We used Battlegroup Fall Of The Reich for a quick encounter game (both using 750pts worth of troops) with my Germans versus Russians.
I had 3 Panthers,  a Stug IIIg, a Puma and a mix of Inexperienced Volksgrenadiers and Veteran Fallschirmjager with 120mm Mortar support off table.
The Ivans fielded 9 T34/85 (yikes) plus 2 Infantry Platoons with some Scout elements/
I set up a fairly terrain dense table and we then diced for sides as per generic scenarios.

Two timed barrages by Russians pretty much decided the game as a Katayusha and then a 122mm Barrage landed on edge of my deployment zone destroying/routing 4 Infantry Squads an FOO (!!!!!) and 2 Panthers (!!!!!!!!!!!).
We decided that these laser accurate Timed Stonks are just too powerful for the scale of the game and will in future disallow them (unless a special scenario feature) sticking with Mortars and single Additional Fire Missions, defenders will have maximum of two Pre-registered Targets.
Other house rules we are sticking with are ignoring the Ammo rules for AFVs (unless a Low Ammo counter is drawn) and using the 'Bren' rules for inherent German squad MG34/42s.

Great to get a game in at last.

Also managed to acquire another set of rules :-)

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Gaming time pretty limited of late (boo hoo with knobs on) but I have managed to sate the 'rules bug' somewhat.
Of course no time to try any of these !!

And a couple of interesting PDFs from Too Fat Lardies stable

Monday, November 23, 2015

Battlegroup Fall Of The Reich game

Played a nice game of BG Fall Of The Reich today at David Pentlands with Norman and Adam both in attendance.
Game played using David and Adams 'biggies' (ie 20mm) with each player having a separate BG to control.
Premise was that Germans (David and Norman) held a village through which a force with some softskins was trying to escape.
The trucks and suchlike were believed to hold some precious art or secret wonder weapon plans that the British sought to capture (not destroy however).
British (Adam and I) were due to come on in 'pincer' style move to interdict the fleeing Germans.

A fun game with lots of action although despite several plays we still managed to get a bombing run wrong by a Typhoon as we dropped 4 bombs in separate locations instead of within a single blast zone.
British managed to capture 3 out of the five target vehicles but only 1 had some treasure in the form of V2 parts.
However Normans BG was broken and Davids on verge of breaking whilst British forces still had decent morale levels so it was declared a narrow win for His Majesty's forces.

Great to team up with these chaps (not least to see several canvases in progress by David for Plastic Soldier Company amongst others) and to play with their excellent figures and vehicles again.

Normans BG with the 'treasure' trucks appears on table

Davids Stugs defend the village escape route

One Stug brewed by Typhoon bomb

Fallschirmajger hide in right hand building

 Normans Panzers suffer losses

Target trucks stalled

Adams Infantry force races to wood 

As Stugs duel with my incoming Armour

My Armour arrives (2 Fireflys 3 Cromwells and a Comet)

Fierce fight for wood

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chariot conflict with L'Art De La Guerre

Played another game of LADG against Stephen facing his Hittites with my Mycenaean/Minoans.
Another super game.
Hittite Heavy Chariots just that bit better than mine having Impact Bonus but my Spear 'phalanxes' were intimidating to lighter Hittite foot.
So it was a sort of race for my foot to his his before his Chariots destroyed their counter-parts.
Of course one Chariot command succumbed much quicker than I hoped !

Pretty poor pics as on phone with dim lighting

In other news.............note from Amazon to advise these inbound :-)

And I have to say kudos to French Police/Special Forces for a sterling job taking down that IS terrorist sign of the 'surrender monkeys' in this OP !!