Monday, May 31, 2010

PK Field Of Battle WWII

Played first game of Piquet Field Of Battle WWII against my Dad tonight using an amended Spearhead scn (I played it with Spearhead a couple of years ago) which pits 3rd Pz Gr Divn against 3rd US Inf Divn in sunny Italy 20th April 1944. Worked out at 5 Battalions each, US had 3 Inf Bttn 1 Tank Destroyer Bttn and 1 Sherman Bttn backed by 2 Bttns of 105mm off table. Germans had 2 Pz Gr Regts of 2 Bttn each with a Stug Bttn and off-table Btnns of 170mm and 150mm Nebelwerfers. US had 2 Airpower Cards and a Barrage Card the Huns an added Tiger 1 Coy (which attached to an Inf Bttn). German CO was D10 with Superior Deck the US CO a D12 but with Average Deck.
Excellent and tightly fought encounter battle which Germans won through acheiving better attrition (ie inflicting more Strength Point losses and therefore more Morale hits on US). US ran out of Morale cards (started with 19 to Hun 18) first and succumbed on 2nd Morale Card test. Quick system easily learnt, lots of abstracted detail (Heavy Weapons and suchlike) but appropriate to scale of game. Used my 6mm kit with one 30mm base per Company unit and used half measurements for everything (using centimetres would also work).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

DBMM League Game

Played first Dbmm league game today vs Richard Murphy using my Avars vs his Early Bulgars (KnF version). A great game played in good spirit only problem being I seemed to have a slightly older draft of 1.1 with some differences (Imp Lh pursuits and Aux counting as Light or Skirmisher types for deployment). A close game with both our central Cmds being broken. My Slav Cmd then broke giving Richard a 14-11 win.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

DBMM Medv German vs Sicilian Norman

Another Dbmm game today using Medieaval German (1160AD) vs Stephens Sicilan Norman. Really close game with us both suffering some horrendous runs of bad dice rolls ! Sicilians came out 15-10 'winners' despite having 2 Generals killed !

German Regular Knights on right

Initial deployment (Germans on left)

German lines with Leidang allies

Sicilian centre

Sicilian Right

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DBMM Early Crusader vs Seljuk Turkish

Dbmm 400pt game at Stephens using Early Crusaders (1098 Regular version) vs his Seljuk Turks. Played on Stephens expensive new game mat. Cat and mouse to begin with as my slow moving Spear and Blades ponderously advanced whilst the Turk Lt Horse moved to my flanks. Only having 3 Cmds bit of bind for Crusaders and once flanks folded it was a massacre. Had very historical 'feel'. My old (circa 1984 Essex and Minifigs) Norman army looked surprisingly good on table pity they did not perform as well.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

DBMM Minoan vs Hittite

 Dbmm game last night using my Minoans vs Stephen's Hittites (a good historical match-up) using the draft 2.0 version. Great game very close and tense.