Thursday, November 15, 2007

DBM3.1 400pt Game

DBM3.1 game using Eastern Frankish vs Hindu Indian

My Knights vs Elephants (not a great matchup) a close game fpr a long while but ultimately the Elephants got to grips and my Knights died in droves.

Used 3.1 for a change and overall they now pale compared to Dbmm.

Moves to slow and fiddly, and some awful stuff ref 1/2 base shifts to line-up and recoils causing death zones and HI unable to followup into contact with LHI.
On plus side the combat gradings/factors/outcomes are a lot easier than Dbmm but lack the decisive nature of newer set.

Still a decent set of rules and probably more balanced as a comp type set (ie more viable army types) but just not as much fun.

Monday, November 05, 2007

400pt DBMM Maurikian Byzantine vs Abbasid Arab

400pt game at Stephens using Maurikian Byzantine vs Abbasid Arabs

I used 3 Reg Cmds with a small Nomad Ally
CiCs Cmd had Cic plus 2 CvS Bukellaroi, 2 LhS 3 KnF Optimates and 2 Kavallorii double-based 'blocks'
One Sg had 4 Kavallori blocks & 4 LhS
Other Sg had 2 LhS 7 BdI backed by 7 PsO and 3 PsS
The Nomad commanded 5 LhO
a Baggage Cmd (Pip dump) of 6 Reg Bg F completed the 73 ME army

The Arabs comprised a train cmd (Pip dump) of 3 ArtI and 1 ArtS behind a wall of TF
3 other Cmds with Reg gens comprised IrrCvS some Reg CvS several LhO, SpI, SpO some PsO and 4 BwO with several Hd and 2 Bagg per Cmd.

Byzantines invaded and terrain was almost exclusively on Arab half with only a marsh on my rear edge. 3 GHs (1 on my left and one centrally) with a Bua and Orchard and a large SF all aided the Arabs. I had chosen a 1FE SF myself but it was unable to be placed.

The Arabs planted the Arty park on the central GH with TF in front (making it a virtually impregnable fort (Arty factors +3 for TF +1 Uphill +1 Train uphill !!). His Bow and Ps were in the SF flanked by Spear (partially also behind TF) and CvS. His right was as Cmd of LhO and to his left his Cic with 8 Irr CvS.
I deployed second and lined my Bd on my right angled at 45deg my other Sg lined up vs the SF with Cic to his left and my Ally to extreme left vs the enemy Lh.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

DBMM 400pts Hunnic vs Late Roman

400pt Dbmm game using Hunnic vs Stephens Late Imperial Roman

I had 3 Irr Cmds

CIC CvS 2 CvS 15 LhS
SG CvS 1 CvS 15 LhS
SG CvS 11 LhS
Gepid Ally KnF 4 KnF
No Baggage
An Ambush and Feigned Flight strategem were paid for

The Romans had 3 Reg Cmds plus usual Baggage/Camp Pip Dump
1 Cmd had several Cataphracts with couple of Huns
A Cmd with Legionnaries backed by LI Bow and LH and 4 ArtF (I hate these sods !)
A Cmd with Bow and Aux (Lanciarii)
several Cav and LH interspersed

Huns invaded and had plenty of open terrain with only a small wood of any note
Romans managed to get a DH on their right and 2 RH on their left with no real room to circumvent them basically providing them with a terrain 'fort'
The Roman 'fort'

The Hun LH where therefore nullified as no real opportunity to outflank on or off table (I was loathe to use flank march after non-appearence in previous games)
As expected the Romans lined up between their hills with Inf on the hills.
Huns had little option but to line up opposite. I did place a 4 element ambush of Lh in my wood hoping to use the feigned flight to draw enemy on DH towards them (bit optimistic as wood fair distance from hill)

Huns advanced with Lh and Gepids. The Roman bolt-shooters on carts moved to their right immediately to face the Gepids. They fired several times at Geipds but thankfully no kills just several of recoils.

Battle was joined with several Hun Lh charging into Blade and being charged by KnX
Couple of Huns spent and 1 killed by KnX but nothing too drastic. But they lack power to deal with a wall of foot or mounted if they cant gain overlaps. The Gepids managed to charge in despite attentions of bolt-shooters and they had an overlap on the right flank of Legionary line. This was facilitated mainly by use of a feigned flight by my left Cmd forcing the Roman infantry to halt.

But.........isnt their always at least one.............the Gepids could not kill any Legionnaries !! this was true for a full 3 combats...................

Meanwhile I was taking some losses on my right from the Cataphracts so I decided to hurl my CiC with his accompanying Nobles (a 3 element line with Gen in middle) through my Lh into the Legions to try to punch a hole.

But................told you there is always at least one !............of course this failed with my Nobles recoiling leaving the Cic overlapped twice in Roman turn and.................wait for it................the loss of my CiC !!!!

True to form on my next Pip roll this Cmd rolled a tremendous 1 meaning I could not even halt anyone so my largest and central Cmd routed (at some speed being mainly Lh)
This of course meant doom for neighbouring Cmds (in fact game nearly finished their and then as the temporary 2ME morale hit almost broke my left Cmd !) as their flanks now exposed.
The Gepids had at last quick killed two Bd plus 2 Ps (this was to be total Roman losses for game !!!!)
but too late as they also lost a 2ME element and my left Cmd became broken next turn ending the game.

Despite yet another drubbing (25-0 this one) it was as ever a good game to play with the Gepid charge and my Cic charge being two events that could have easily gone my way against the Blade.

The feigned flight was interesting to use but needs a lot of careful planning and timely Pips. Still at 5pts and capable of being used 3 times its a useful stratagem.

The Roman Art F is potent with ability to move and also to 'gang up' on single target (I was lucky not to lose anything to their shooting). Blade with PsO in back rank are tough for mounted to defeat (even the Kn) usually even or better factors for Bd.
The terrain was major factor as the hills robbed me of flanks to target.

Hunnic array

Thursday, October 18, 2007

DBMM 400pts Turgesh vs T'Ang Chinese

400pt game today with my Central Asian Turks (Turgesh) vs Stephens T'Ang Chinese
T'Ang invaded in spring and terrain consisted of 2 DH 3 GH 2 RH and 2 RF.

I used Su Lu a brilliant General with 2 CvS, 8 LhS, 6 PsO, 6 HdO, 6 BwI a CvO SG with 4 CvO 8 LhS a second SG with 2 CvO and 6 LhS, Army baggage comprised 6 BgF and a Sogdian AG with 4 KnF and 2 LhF and 2 BgF.
Su Lu bought an Ambush, a Flank Attack and Feigned Flight (ambush discarded). Sogdian sent on Flank Attack on left and smaller SG Cmd delayed to rear. Su Lu deployed on left with LH to front and Bow in RF with Ps on a RH to rear with Hd guarding the baggage. The other SG deployed in Centre and to Right with 2 groups (turned out to be a major mistake) on 4 Lh with 2 CvO behind.

T'Ang comprised a Reg Bag (Pip dump) cmd and 3 largish Cmds with lots of Reg CvS several KnX, BwX, LhF and subject LhS turk renegades 2 ArtO also appeared.

I went first as defender and rolled a 6 for Su Lu and a disasterous 1 for on-table SG (other 2 Cmds not appearing yet. The 1 was major bind as I had deployed the SG in 2 groups and could only halt/move 1 and had to watch 4 of my Impetuous LhS ride forward onto lower slope of a GH in staggered formation.

The oppossing T'ang Cmd rolled a 6 of course and marched CvS right into my LH with upslope advantage.

It was shape of things to come as T'ang consistantly rolled high Pips and my lot low.

After 2 turns my SG Cmd had lost 4 elements of LH and were being outflanked on table by oppossing Turkish LH. My delayed Cmd appeared on turn 3 but despite the Flank Attack my Sogdians remained off table (they had a nice open flank to appear on as well with T'ang Cv and BowX).

In centre it was initally a stalemate as my Lh screen managed to survive vs BwX, Art and Cv. But once the KnX got into contact I began to lose a few elements. By this time my right flank had become disheartened and then broke.

In centre I moved a group of 6 Bow out of RF to counter Cav threatening Su Lu but this proved another mistake as large Pips by T'ang allowed them to surround the bow and destroy them in 2 turns.

Things looked bad (as usual) as I had inflicted only minimal losses on T'ang. I then charged Su Lu into an T'ang General using a brilliant stroke to try to turn things around. guessed it............ he threw the inevitable 1 to enemy 6 and bounced ingloriously off !

Still no sign of Sogdians despite by this time only needing a 4 or better to appear.

They had not arrived by the time a lost several more Lh and a CvS element which broke Su Lus Cmd ending the contest.

Despite yet another loss it was as ever an enjoyable game. My Pips were frustratingly low each turn and the non-appearence of the sodding Sogdians was not that helpful to my cause...........

BwX are a pretty decent troop type.

The impetuous LhS are caught by Cav

Friday, October 12, 2007

DBMM 400pts Polybian Roman vs Carthaginian

Game today with Stephen using my Romans vs his Punic bunch

I defended with DH on my left and a fortuitous river om my right (DH to Punic rear only other feature)

I had large cmd of Blade (16 elements) with PsS, SpS and 4 Iberian AxS in centre with AG on right with 4 Bd 2 Sp 2 PsS 2 PsO. The left flank (on the DH) was held by Iberian Ally. My Cic with 4 CvO was in reserve. No baggage used. I allocated highest die to CIC and lower to SG.

Punics had 3 Elephants interspersed with WbO with several Reg AxS, SpS and numerous Numidian PsS AxI and LhO and about 10 CvO. My narrow frontage and presecence of river/DH thankfully stopped his LH from worrying my flanks.
Main attack came from the Wb/El combo in centre.

I put my Cic & Cv in behind my blade and velites with ful intention of pushing them thru to counter the El/WB but suffering a brain barf i neglected to do this instead sticking my velites into close combat with blade close behind (usual unhelpful minimum Pips not aiding my decisions).

My Iberian allies fought well on flank holding up the Rg Ax/Sp and some Cav and my Roman AG was also successful in thwarting Punic Cv/Lh on my right.
Crunch in centre saw my Velites recoil behind the blade who then were charged by Wb/El and suffered several QKs, on my following turn I only managed a couple of QKs on WB.

Next turn saw the Punic shock troops break my main Cmd (32ME) and leave them only 3 ME from routing my Army.

A lucky Pip roll allowed me to keep the broken Cmd in situ and low and behold my broken troops offered stout resistance (ie winning several die rolls !!). However it was a transitory 'victory' as then soon succumbed which of itself was not too bad (as already counting lost) but on my right the game was decided by 3 Punic CvO vs 3 BdO as two Cv recoiled but the third doubled opposing Bd which combined with loss of 2ME earlier from Iberian Cmd routed my Army.

Despite its one-sided nature this was still an enjoyable game and I kick myself for not following my plan to engage the Wb/El with my CvO which may have course made no difference given my penchant for losing key die rolls :-)

The Roman Cav watching inital stages of destruction of their comrades.......................................

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dbmm 400pts Khazar vs Early Byzantine

Dbmm at Stephens 4th Oct 07

Another (!!) Dbmm game with my Khazars having another outing this time vs Early Byzantines.
I had 3 Irr Cmds using basis of CvS (was tempted by the KnF option) backed by Lh F with LhS and 3 KnF several hordes and a few Slav AxO/PsO and again my newly painted Guard.
Byzantines had 4 Reg Cmds and Pip dump of BgF.
Another really good and close game which could have gone either way in the end hingeing on my right flank Cmd getting anything but 1 on Pip dice (of course 1 is exactly what they got) and then a Lh vs rear of enemy Cvs Gen which I failed to Win !!! this then lead to right flank breaking and game ending but I did at least shatter the Byz CICs large Cmd.

Bit of a brain-barf between us regarding Broken vs Shattered (we had forgotten the claraification) status (so much to remember each game).

Dbmm 400pts Islamic Berber vs Feudal Spainsh

Dbmm game 28th Sept 07 at Stephens

I used his Islamic Berbers vs Spainish to try out a Spear based army.
Spear dome quite well especialy in defense against Knights but are rather poor on own turn as lose back ranks and therefore have difficulty killing anything but are vulnerable to doubling. Losing only a single rank is a bonus though.
A Cmd of SpO fought Knights and eventually succumbed but mainly by their being ouflanked.
A Cmd of SpI fought Spainisg Aux and Ps and done rather well.
However the Berber Light horse suffered from enemy mounted and Berber Christian allies were overwhlemed by oppossing knights.

Again another fun game with lots of decisive action.

Stephen convinced Spear armies are redundant. I agree for an open style competition but not for themed comps or near historical match-ups.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

DBMM 400pts Khazar vs Khorazanian

Game on Fri 7/9/07

I used Khazars vs Stephens Khorazanians.
A really excellent game with lots of too and froing and incident.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

DBMM Turgesh vs Romanian Frank 31-08-07

Another game of Dbmm vs Stephen using Turgesh (with Brilliant Su Lu) vs Romanian Franks (with lots of KnS) I was invader in Summer and lots of terrain including a large DH 2 GH 2 SH 1 O & 1 RF. The DH dominated one flank of the Franks the others dotted acroos the tabletop. The Franks advanced their Knights in one solid block which I faced with a mix of LHs and CvO (my Horde and Bow were on camp guarding duties) the Franks had a mixed Cmd of BwO and AxO on my right. I had 4 Cmds 2 with a mix of LHs & CvO 1 with the CIC the foot and 3 CvS, my 4th Cmd was 4 KnX Tibetians (outclassed by KnS). The Frank Knights failed to damage on Cmd of Lh but killed 4 elements of the other in their initial charge punching a large hole in my line which my Tibetians had to plug along with some CvO. Inveitably despite my getting some overlaps the Kn broke this flank completely. On the other flank however I managed to use a GH to shield my Lh & Cv from Bows and I weas able to charge into the Bw/Ax downhill. I managed to kill several but not enough to break the Cmd and after a loss to bow fire I placed my SG into line for a new charge but a single Bw element killed him (6 -1 on dice) !!!! breaking that Cmd and losing me the game............again..................
Rather quick game but lots of action. The KnS are tough to deal with..............................

The Frankish setup
The Turgesh array

The Frankish Knight Cmd

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dbmm Sassanid vs Late Roman

Game at Stephens on Tuesday 21st

I used Sassanid a Regular version and Stephen used Late Romans with Inert General (not strictly historical match-up but close). Romans invaded with very little terrain (couple GH O and E none of which had any effect on game except a large M on Stephens left)). Romans had 4 ArtF Carts in centre vs my 2 Ele and CvS so I held these back (ie lowest die) to avoid shooting and advance on both flanks with CvO/CvS Cmds. My left Cmd was badly outmatched with my LhF facing LhO and my Cv faced by 6 elements of KnX ! On my right I faced a mix of AxS and BwO backed with PsO. I had a Cmd of Nomads outflanking on my left. My left advanced into tteth of enemy and my LhF killed 3 oppossing LhO :-) CvO held up the KnX. On my right I manouvered vs the Inf and took a couple of recoils from Bows but no losses. The Roman Legions backed by Ps and the Arty advanced towards my centre. Things continued reasonably favourably on my left (except Arabs wouldnt appear) and on my right my Cav got to grips with Ax/Bw. The movement of the Arty stopped them shooting but they were coming into range.............
On my left things went downhill as KnX QK several CvO/S disheratening my Cmd. On my right despite totally out manouvering the Romans I could not kill the Bow (despite overlaps and no room to recoil !). Ofcourse Arty then killed an Ele and I was forced to charge into the Bd.
My left Broke just as my Arabs arrived. As it turned out Stephen had a smaller Arab cmd outflanking on this flank which I chased onto the table. On my right I still could not damage the Roman Inf ! Centrally it was a stalemate as I could not kill the Inf nor they my Cv.
But.................isnt there always.............. by now my left had broken so I hurled the Arabs into their counterparts and of course I managed to lose the combat and then watched as Stephens s Arabs then killed my Ally and broke his Cmd this loss with other broken Cmd and accumulate losses losing me the game..........again............

Yet another fun game with plenty of exciting combats. But I had nothing to really deal with the massed KnX (Ele deploying first meant they coul d avoid them) who after slow start ate my Cav.................

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Field Of Glory game

Playtest game of FOG today using the generic Punic army lists in Beta rules (Romans vs Cathaginian)
Set up etc all smooth and plausible with exception of lack of non-deployment on flanks (a gift for corner huggers). Game phases worked fine and all mechanisms worked ok with any queries relatively easy to sort out. Romans are awesome (lots of Heavy Foot of Superior status with Armour and both Skilled Swordsmen and Impact Foot !!) able to take on foot and/or cavalry.
Boy o boy does it take ages to get to grips in FOG ( multiple wheels etc are nightmare to measure) so micro-management orintated (Competition bias shows thru) and so much dice rolling to achieve any results !! game rather lacking in excitement compared to Dbmm and despite much better clarity and its inherent playability its simply just not as much fun.
Sad to say I think FOG will probably be the more popular ruleset :-(

Monday, July 30, 2007

DBMM Eastern Frankish vs Ghaznavid

400pt Dbmm game on Fri 27th July 2007

I used Eastern Franks to try out revised list with KnO post 1085ad Stephen used Ghaznavids with brilliant Gen. Fairly non-descript terrain (One large DH towards centre) KnO lasted a bit longer than their KnF cousins but still beaten eventually by CvS. Elephants were on flank march but never featured.
Franks narrowly beaten (and sooner than they should have been due to my mistake with MEs).
Big discussion ref single element moves which we now think should be in one single direction and straight only.

No pics as I forgot camera...............

Friday, July 20, 2007

DBMM Defeat from the very Jaws of victory...............

Gallic vs Marian Roman

400pt game today with Stephen I used Gauls vs his Romans.

I invaded and terrain saw a huge (2FE) difficult hill plonked in Stephens middle zone, a couple of small woods and two small rough hills with a Paved Road completed battlefield.

Stephen deployed first with a line of Legionaries (a mix of BdS & BdO) supported by fortified Bolt-Shooters with flank resting on the DH and other flank supported by Cavalry and Light Horse with a few more Legionaries. The DH was occuppied by Psiloi and Auxillaries. I deployed 2 Allied generals with a large central Cmd (40 Wb with Ps and Lch support) and to rear a Cmd of Cavalry and Chariots to sweep around my left flank (on table). My warriors were all WbO.

Opening moves saw repective mounted Cmds move to flank and Legions and Warband approach each other. Thankfully both my Allied Cmds were reliable.

Roman Art caused a few losses. Hostilities began in earnest when BdS moved in against my central Wb Cmd (as they were a somwhat disrupted group due to sponno moves). Wb took a couple of losses but in their turn detroyed several Elite Legionaries. My mounted Cmd had poor Pips allowing oppossing Roman cmds to deploy unmolested against one Gaul Allied Cmd.

The key matchup in the centre saw the Legions in bit of distress nearing Disheartened status, with Gauls suffering losses but due to only counting 1/2ME per loss nothing too dangerous. Indeed things looked very good for the Gauls.....................until.......................with Romans tetttering on the brink the Gauls had 5 key combats in their OWN turn with each being 3 to 2 in favour of Warriors and quick kills looking almost assured ....................BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... with uncanny dice rolling managed to lose 4 out of the 5 combats and indeed lost 4 elements !! (my rolling 1 to Stephens 5 or 6 each time) the Romans then followed up and in their turn quick-killed several more Wb for no loss causing the central (CiCs) Gallic Cmd to break !!!!!!!

In the meantime the Allies had assaulted the DH with a to and fro battle uphill against Aux and Ps. On other flank my Cavalry and Allied Wb were dealing well with Roman horse but rather rashly I put an Allied Gen in his Chariot into melee and of course he ended up overlapped on both flanks and died, this broke his Cmd and tipped balance with Gallic army being routed.

Game hinged on that key turn when Gauls failed to win in their own bound as if they had of either killed some Romans or managed not to die against the battle was theirs...................but alas not to be.
This is closest I have come to actually winning a game but yet again my dice rolls let me down at crucial juncture.....................the Dice Gods hate my guts !

Still another superbly fun game with lots of exciting die rolling contests. Dbmm has not thus far failed to be anything but fun for us. Of course neither of us have used Spear armies yet !!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dbmm 400pt Sassanid vs Sui Chinese

Sassanid Persian (moi) vs Sui Chinese (Stephen) Dbmm 400 pt game today

Interesting terrain set-up (Sui invaded) saw a large marsh area in centre of Chinese deployment zone. I deployed first in basic linear fashion. Chinese then deployed with all of their troops on one side of marsh. This left bulk of my Clibinarii and Elephants (4 elements) facing thin air and a single Cmd to face the Chinese onslaught. Irr CvS showed their manovering Ineptness (not helped by poor Pips) taking ages to drift to flank.

Thankfully my LhF Vassals managed to kill some opossing LhF and then hold for a few turns. Chinese Cataphracts however overran my CvO/S and broke my left flank. My Centre and Elephant Cmd were (slowly) redeploying but the Elephants suffered 2 losses to Artillery (oouch) before one behemoth managed to kill some BwX. Persian losses were mounting and things looked bleak. However my Arab Nomad ally had moved forward and engaged the enemy Baggage in their TF. Several turns of recoils then 2 Spent LH were followed by the Nomad General breaking into the baggage camp with another element breaking the enemy Army Baggage and putting pressure on all his Cmds. But.........isnt there this time the Chinese had managed to flank my other Cmds and the Cataphracts killed a couple of Cvs and another Elephant succumbed to enemy Psiloi. Then to seal the deal one of my Sub Generals was flanked and quick-killed by a cataphract so breaking another Cmd and ending the game (17-9)

Another enjoyable game with a lot less problems encountered in rules (other than couple of mistakes we made ref Pips) as always were totally forgot about Pressing Forward rules !!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

DBMM Early Byzantine vs Gok Turgesh

DBMM solo game today using Gok Turks vs Early Byzantine.
Byzantines invaded and so not much in way of terrain. Simple advance to contact game with Sogdian allies of Goks hitting Byz CvS and losing (the + & - 1 when losing in Byz turn done for the KnF) with only 2 Cv dieing.
Skutatoi with Ps support pretty solid vs Cv especially as only 1 rank of Bd die (the -1 for I cost them a couple of times) and they killed the Gok CiC !!
Hun allies of Byz dealt with Gok CvO in short order.
On Gok right an indecisive Lh battle occured.
Loss of Cic big block on Pip for Gok and lead to their being whittled to broken status which along with broken Sogdians brought defeat to their door................
Byz had one Cmd disheartened

Thursday, June 14, 2007

DBMM 400pts Gok Turgesh vs Early Byzantine

Played a DBMM game today 400pts with my Central Asian Turks (Gok) vs Stephens Early Byzantines
As ever my off-table troops (Delayed Cmd) failed to arrive in this game and my Sogdian Allies were shattered in mean-time. Gothic Knights QKd several Gok Nobles causing a large Cmd to break and therefore the army.
Pretty good game overall with much less discussion of rules interpretations (with exception of Repulses).
Now if I could only manage a win.......................................

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Field Of Glory Beta Test

Tried out FOG today solo using Maurikian Byzantine vs Sassanid
(Cannot comment much here as gagging-order in force)
Feels very like a playable 7th Edt major downside pour moi is lack of epic battle 'feel' that DBMM generates.
Certainly much better written and thereby easier to understand......................

Thursday, May 31, 2007

DBMM Polybian Roman vs Selecuid

Another DBMM game today with Stephen :

I used 400pt Polybian Romans (post 210BC) with 2 Cmds ofLegions/Velites/Tirarii with a few Cretan bowmen. A 3rd Roman Cmd comprised the Cav (4 elements plus a Sub Gen and 1 LH) and 4th Cmd was Iberian Ally with (iAXs and iPsS). I took no baggage
They faced a Selecuid host of 3 Cmds and an Aitolian Ally. Antichous was present as a Bril Gen (never used his er Brilliance at all!) with several KnF wedges. 1 main Cmd was massed Pikes (A mix of PkS and PkO) backed up by AxS and 2 ElS. The other was KnX with CvO in support and couple of LhF.
The Aitolians were Ps and Lh.

Rome invaded and terrain comprised a small E on my right a RF on my left and on Selc side a large (2FE) GH and a (1FE) SH.
placed my Cav Cmd off-table as delayed Cmd, the Ibrians on my right and the 2 main Cmds in Centre/Left. Selcs had Pike to centre with line of KnX/CvO. Cic with KnF was to rear of Pike and the Aitolians were placed as Concealed Cmd behind the large GH (but they moved on their first turn so no real surprise).
Pikes rumbled forward and killed my 4 PsS Caetratii in one fell swoop :-(
The KnX engaged my Velites causing some losses.
The KnF moved towards the open flank of my Iberians but luckily my Delayed Cmd appeared and I moved them to counter the Agema threat...
My turn saw my Velites gloriously kill both Elephants and Iberians AxS QKd a couple of Pike. always...........the Pike then preceedeed to roll over my Iberians causing them to break.
The KnX got in amongst my Legions and QKd several.
On my turn I could not inflict further significant losses on Pike and Legions could only recoil a couple of KnX.
So.........on next Selc turn the KnX trounced several Legionaries and Triari breaking my largest CiCs Cmd and the Army.

Lessons : Polybian Roman has a hard time vs Selecuid as the KnF, KnX, and ElQK just about everything in Roman OOB.
Also whilst Bd can QK Pk itis damn hard to achieve due to high Pike factors.
Delayed Cmd was nice option as it arrives on 5 or 6 and was able tobeing thrown in vs threat also Stephen my opponnent believed this Cmd was on a flank march so was leaving units and using Pips to counter this.

Main lesson.....I need to roll higher dice :-)

Friday, May 18, 2007

TripleA......Another day, another game, another defeat............

Dbmm 400pt game with Stephen today

My Avars vs Carolingians (a good historical match-up).

I used 4 Cmds with a CIC in cmd of 8 rCvS and 2 rLhS a SG with 5 rCvS and 2 rLhS the 3rd Avar SG had 2 rCvS and 6 rLhS (he was set to outflank) the 4th Cmd was a Bulgar Ally with 2 iCvS 4 iLhS 4 iAxO 7 2 iPsO. 6 ARmy baggage completed ensemble.

The Franks fielded 4 (on table Cmds) with 3 Reg General and a Breton Ally. Bulk of troops were KnF supported by a few CvO some SpI and BwI with couple of PsO.

Franks were invaders meaning very little in way of terrain to chose from, 2 large GHs were plonked on Franks table edge with large boggy area in centre. My side of table had a couple of smallish boggy areas. Weather turned out to be mud in spring.

Franks deployed first moved first and with 5 and 6 on Pips they were able to march right into 'face' of my Cic cmd on my left (SG was outflanking on this side). On my turn the Bulgars went unreliable (nice of them) and little I could do march wise as Frank right up upon my deployed troops. I charged into the Knights with CvS and my CIC. I managed to win 7 combats killing 4 knights (yee hah) but on Frank turn I lost 3 elements to QKs. This meant oppossing Cmds were tettering and indeed both broke in following turn. No sign of outflankers though..........I did manage to kill a few more Kn in other Cmds getting close to breaking another Cmd. This was high point of my enterprise as loss of my CIC and biggest cmd combined with non-appearence of flankers and non-participation of Bulgars left me with 1 Cmd to do battle with. They lasted another couple of turns but could not inflict enough losses on Franks to turn things around and of course (predictably) on the turn the flanking Cmd arrived they broke endeing the game (16-9 loss)

A fun and exciting game fighting KnF which are vulnerable to Cvs if charged but are nasty on their turn with QK vs Cav. The Bulgars being unreliable (I had no opportunity to expend 3 pips to force their hand) combined with belated appearence of flankers was ultimately my downfall. Hindsight suggests the flanking group would have been better deployed on table (at least in part). But its a risk you take.....................

Knights right in my face on turn 1 !!

Another day another DBMM game

Another DBMM game vs George using POlybian Roman vs his Commagene

I used list post 202BC with the Reg SGs and an Iberian Ally (AxS)
I had one large Cmd with CiC and 12 Legion/6 Velites/3 Triarii with support from couple of Cretans and 2 Spainsh AxS, one SH had 8 Legion/4 Velites/2 Triarii backed by more Cretans. The other SG commanded 4 Cavalry and one Tarentine Lh. The Cic took centre stage baxcked on his left by other foot Cmd and on his right by Iberians. The Cav Cmd was placed behind Cics right (ie hiding from KnX !)

George had 3 Cmds with Central massive Cmd of Pikes with massed Bow I on flank of Phalanx lined with PsI and supported by couple of Aux and LhO. Both SG Cmds (on flanks) had 4 Cataphracts plus 6 LhF Skythians.

Not must terrain placed other than I (as Invader) placed a large DH on my left with Orchard to anchor flank. Another DH placed by George was on my rear right with a GH. A RF ended up on Georges base edge.

Weather was in my favour with a strong wind reducing Bow range by 80p (this never changed)
Not much subtlety in moves to come to contact as both centre plodded forward engaging in indecisive Psiloi skimishing (my Velites failing to gain upper hand vs I opponents) On wings the Skythians engaged my Ps and Iberians. Both sides took losses in Light Troops.
I moved some Blade on my left against Bow to find myself losing an element and others being recoiled. On same flank the Skythians managed to kill some Velites (2nd rank factor helped). This Cmd was soon disheartened. On my right things were fairly even with my Cav Cmd moving in support of Iberians to drive off the Skythians. In Centre some Velites managed to kill a Pike (due to not counting rear ranks vs Ps) and when blade got into contact they killed 2 more Pike, however they also lost a blade to shooting.
By this time my left flank Cmd was broken and then shattered (ie flank collapsed) and I could gain no advantage elsewhere (George Bows consistantly threw 6s for both shooting and melee !!
Time ran out on us and we called an end with me losing 25-2 as I had not managed to dishearten any Cmds

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


DBMM solo 400pt (test an army) game using Maurikian Byzantine vs Central Asian Turkish

Used same Turk army as that defeated by Feudal French, with Ummayyad Arab Ally and outflanking Horse Archer Cmd the Byzantines had 4 Cmds with Reg Bagg(Pip dump Cmd) with a Nomad (Lh) Ally Cmd.

Byzantines used a BUA to protect baggage, but their compulsory road failed to appear. Only terrain of not was a 1FE wood which split the Turk deployment area in two. This caused the isolation of one Turk cmd (CICs).

Both allies were reliable. The Ummayyad spears used the wood to anchor their flank and the Lt Cav cmd outflanked on Turk left. The Byz Skutatoi deployed opposite the Ummyyads with Cics Cav heavy force on Right the other Cmd and Nomads were on left (effectively 2 cmds vs the Turk CIC). Initial marches brought repective LH into charge ranges and kudos were intially even. Poor Pips by Turk CIC saw his CvS/O hit by Byz CvS/LhS/KnF and suffering losses. The Nomads moved onto flanks of Turk LhS and the CIC was soon disheartened. The Cavlary battle on right was fairly even with the Byz becoming aware of impending arrival of outflanking Cmd. The Skuatoi charged into the Arab spears and lost 2 stands. Following turn the Turk CIC broke and the Turk Cav cmd also became disheartened. The arrival of the outflanking Lh helped very little as Byz Sg had managed to move himself and other Cv toward the threat (good Pips and niffty column moves helped) Arab Asiwira aided the wavering Turks and the Byzs saw one of their Cmds become disheartened. Things were in balance until a couple of key melees saw the Turks lose another Cmd and end the game. Worked out at a 21-4 win for Byzantines.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dbmm 9th May 2007

Game tonight vs George

My Central Asian Turks vs Feudal French

I used Turk with Ummayyad Arab allies (circa 737AD) vs Feudal French (post 1150AD).

I had 4 Cmds . French had 3 large Cmds.

Terrain was open in middle with couple of low hills a river on my left (placed by George) and 2 large woods. I was invader on clear bright morning. I deployed my Arabs front and centre with two Turks Cmds on flanks of Arab Spears, a 4th small Lh Cmd outflanked on right. A mass of spear and bow was in French centre with on my left a Cmd of BdF/Bw/Sp and on my right a large mass of Knight (of Superior type).

After initial French advance my Arabs of course promptly went unreliable and just as promptly my outflank declared their arrival (not much suspense there !). GeoI advanced on either side of the reluctant Arabs. Awful Pips and mistakenly counting the CVs as Impt saw my Turks disjointedly engage the French Knights and some Psiloi. Then the Knights piled in and my losses started (Bows also caused some Lh kills) Good Pips by George saw him able to respond to my flankers in good order. I did manage to hit A general in the rear but no KO ! (bugger) and impetuous charge on other flank by another French Gen saw him die ! (huzza) however the Knights began to mince my Nobles and dishearten then break my Cic cmd. Losses to the French Spear/Bow saw them dishearten also. But dispite the intervention of the roused Arabs (Impt enemy awakened their martial ardour) my losses mounted faster than French. We had to call time and it turned out a 14 to 11 win for French. Despite a few mistakes with rules (counting my CvS as Impt main gaffe) it was a fun and intense game

Dbmm 8th May 2007

Another game with Stephen using my Sassanids vs Late Imperial Romans
Only managed about 3 turns, after long waffling session :-) so not much to report

Dbmm Game 3rd May 2007

Another Dbmm outing with my Galatians vs Stephens Alexandrian Imperial

I used Galatians with 3 Commands (forgot to use 4th Dummy dice)the CiC in a Lt Chariot commanded 2 Chariots and 46 bases of WbS2 SGs had identical Cmds of Sg in Lt Chariot with 2 Lt Chariots 4Cavalry and 3 PsI. 6 Baggage was placed as Army baggage.
The Galatians Invaded and terrain consisted of a Wood near my baselinetwo Open Fields 2 small Craggy Hills (placed by me but stuck on enemybase edge by dicing) an Orchard and 2 Gentle Hills.
The Warband cmd formed in centre with Sg Cmds on either flank.Using Ambush Strategm 3 PsI occuppied the wood edge (were neverrevealed or moved)Alexandrians had (dont know exact composistion) a massed Phalanx incentre flanked with Peltasts and Light Horse.
Two nasty Elephants also abbuted the pikes. Companions formed a Cmd (we counted these as Wedgesbut on 30mm bases as Stephen not rebasing as yet).
More Lt Horse andseveral Psiloi formed the Macedons left. 1 Bolt Shooter completed theensemble. The Macedons used a Reg Baggage Camp (probably not going tobe allowed in offical list but what the hey) as Pip dump.
As hostilities opened the Phalanx and Warbands approached each other.Poor Pips by Celt SGs slowed there supporting moves.

The Companions moved by column (the column forming in Dbmm is pretty slick) to theirleft to harry Celt Cavalry.As the two main bodies approached each other a possible stand-offlooked on the offing but a 1 roll for the Celts saw their first 2ranks advance into charge range of pikemen who duly obliged in theirturn. The Mbyb stuff came into effect in next couple of turns with Warband suffering losses as Pikes counted 4 ranks vs 1 and ElephantsQK their opponnents.

BUT as warband only lost 1 rank they in theirturn fed in supporting warband and now counting as aggressors severalPikes were destroyed (killing 2 ranks with Wb is BIG benefit as is theS Wb gaining +1 if scoring equal allowing a QK).As this was happening the Companions engaged a line of Celt cavalryand in 2 turns defeated them disheartening this cmd.

On other flank neither side had suffcient Pips to engage.The decisive battle in the centre saw losses mounting to and fro onboth sides with a one point a despondant Macedonian declaring 'GameOver Man Game over !!" as he thought losses had broken his large cmd however a quick recheck found 'only' disheartened as several lostelements were from adjoining Cmd.............The Peltasts had suffered early losses but managed to flank the edgeof warband block and killed several (including two attacks on rearedges (this is nice change from DBM wherein the defender does notautomatically turn to face).

Eventually the main Galatiam cmd accumulated 19 Wb destroyed enough tobreak the cmd (55ME) and end the game.

Toting up it worked out as a 16 to 9 win for Alexanders lot.

Key points/issues from game were :Xyston 15mm figs are GIANTS !!! the Companions looked like they wereon steroids :-) they are 20mm figs ImhoPikes 4-deep can just about stand up to Warband in Dbmm theirmain 'weakness' being the loss of 2 stands in a QK (which leaves alonely 2 stds for next combat)

Elephants are VERY good with so many QKs in their own and enemy bounds.

The Companion wedges are rather niffty with never counting overlapped.

Dbmm deployment,terrain placement are an improvement over Dbm.

The Mbyb stuff and gradings give many subtle nuances to combat (butboy are they hard to keep track of !!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another (short) Dbmm game

Played another Dbmm game with Stephen on Monday (cut short again due to family commitments)

I used Polybian Romans vs Carthaginians so nicely historical. I had 2 largish Roman Cmds with 3rd smaller AG and a Spainish Celt-Iberian Ally (BfF). I placed the Iberians in front (I was defender) and they were faced by other Celts and 4 El(I). Stephen had lots of Cavalry (Gallic and Punic). My Iberians advanced in line and engaged oppssing Iberians and the elephants. In 2 turns they were wiped out (I did not realise El QK blades in any bound !). Sadly we had to stop early again (getting to be a habit).

The situation as Iberians approach Punic force

Two turns later no Celt-Iberians in sight !!