Friday, December 30, 2022

Commands & Colors: Ancients last bash with son

Had a final board gaming session with son before his departure back to England on Thursday.

He is quite taken with Commands & Colors Ancients so that is what we played completing 3 scenarios. 

He took Carthos this time around in each scenario so I was Romans who came out winners in 2 out of the 3.

An easy game to teach and play although I had forgotten in earlier games that Leaders effect adjacent hexes in combat.

I regret not expanding C&C collection beyond base game as so many expansions are now out of print or massively expensive here in UK, although I have not played every scenario in base game yet.  

Was great to get some play in with Steven and hopefully more visits next year.


Tuesday, December 27, 2022

More boardgame goodness with son

Another session of board wargaming gaming with my lad.

We played another Combat Commander scenario set in Arnhem with he as Huns and I as Brits and this fairly whizzed by with numerous Time events giving Huns very little time to push forward.

Then it was 4 games of Commands And Colors: Ancients which is always a fun game to play.

Steven stuck with Romans in each game so I was Carthaginians (I only have original volume) and Carthage was in ascendancy in each.

Great stuff.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Boardgaming with offspring

Son over from England for Christmas and we managed to get a gaming session in yesterday.

Played Colonial Twilight which he stuffed me at as French and then a scenario form Combat Commander with my Yanks annihilating his Huns.

Friday, December 16, 2022

L'Art De La Guerre - another couple of games

More practice games for Mr B with LADG

First game I used Sassanid against his Ostrogoths and this was a close one and I had decent dice throughout.

Second was Mr Bs Late Romans against my Galatians (not a great match up but sort of thing one can get in a competition), and Galatians were pants and dice not so friendly this time.

Two pics from early stages of Persian vs Goths

Only one fuzzy shot from start of Galatians vs Romans

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Battle of Warburg with Koenig Krieg

Christmas bash with the chaps at Johns using KK2 and scenario covering Battle of Warburg 1760.

All 15mm terrain and excellent figures from the Brittain Bros (some Prussians standing in as Hessians from Mr P ?) with Mr B umpiring (yet again) and organising scenario (very well done stuff as always).

John and Le Duc took control of French defenders and Mr P and I the Allies (Mr P on left wing I the right).

Armies of roughly equal size with Allies having better quality overall and crucially (for KK2) a +1 Initiative modifier.

The French had set up their forces previously with the bulk of their Infantry (under Le Duc) massed on hill on their right with a river on flank with couple of Cavalry units and gun batteries, whilst the bulk of their numerous Cavalry force (under John) massed on their left with some Infantry and gun support again a watery feature secured their flank.

Allies had Infantry pretty equally split with only a couple of small Cavalry Brigades on table at start (much more arrived a few turns later on my flank) but support from several independent Light Infantry and Cavalry units (Legion Britainique) of which I had one unit of skirmishers as a couple of large woods on my flank.

Units were set up 12" from French lines so pretty much right it from get go !

I am too lazy today to outline battle blow by blow (Le Duc will no doubt spin a suitable yarn on his Blog along with better pics than mine) but highlights on my side was my well above average and in fact borderline awesome dice rolls...............yes folks you heard correctly the dice loved me for once !!!!!!!!!!

As an example a unit of British foot fired with 8 dice and scored 7 hits wiping out a unit of French cavalry in one fell swoop.

I also rolled well in most of my combats winning more than I lost (again !!!!!!!!!!) much to Johns chagrin and the French cavalry wing was in hip hip hooray complete disarray.

Did not have entirely my own way as my Elite 12 strong heavy cavalry unit was mugged by 2 French units (2 vs 1 is way to go) and infantry in center expended themselves against French counterparts.

Ultimately however on turn 8 we both tested Morale (French had 3 broken Brigades Allies had 2) and both armies rolled poorly and retired bloodied from the field.

Only rules issue we encountered this time was how to resolve an Exploitation Charge as we got rather muddled as to who could do what and when.

But overall this was an excellent game with great figures, good company and superior waffle/banter levels (which continued long afterwards at local Restaurant troughing session)

And as expected a much fuller and much handsomer report on Le Ducs blog


Allied Infantry Brigades advance on right wing slowed by large wooded areas

As their comrades also push forward on left toward defended hilltop

French cavalry massed on their left rear

Allied infantry deployed to take on French whose cavalry have moved forward

Tussle begins in central area

Allied cavalry begins to arrive to counter French 

French being pushed back in center (but I was too weak to exploit) whilst Allied left wing stymied at hill.

Elite British Cavalry to the fore and about to meet their doom

But French mounted in all sorts of bother on hill

Stalemate in center after Hanoverian mounted expended themselves destroying a foot unit 

Friday, December 02, 2022

L'Art De La Guerre - 2 more practice games

Couple more practice games for Stephen with LADG.

First up it was his Alexandrian Macedonians against my Punic Romans followed by Late Roman vs my Sassanid Persians.

No time to outline play etc as reading Konieg Krieg 2 again for game tomorrow at Johns the Battle of Warburg 1760 which the chaps have set up ready to go.