Tuesday, September 17, 2019

L'Art De La Guerre two more encounters

Played another double header at Stephens today using L'Art De La Guerre again.

This time I fielded Galatians (trying out an Paionian Ally) and Sassanids once more.

Stephen used Classical Indian and Maurikian Byzantine respectively.

Two more excellent games although my dice rolling with Galatians had me screaming blue murder as in two rounds of combat I managed to roll 9 x 1 !!!!!!
No troops can win with this sort of rolling.
I really must try To The Strongest as no bloody wee 6-sided feckers involved, although no doubt I will find cards hate me to :-)

Much better balanced rolls in second game although Stephen just always seems to roll high on the key combats as ever.

This set so playable and well written we wondered how we ever managed to toil through DBMM/DBMM never mind 7th Edition, obviously youthful minds were a great aid !

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Fire In The Lake and Undaunted Normandy played !

Managed a game of both Fire In The Lake (short scenario) and Undaunted Normandy (initial scenario) with my Dad tonight.

Fire In The Lake was its usual exciting self although for first time I used the NVA/VC combo narrowly losing with NVA being 1 VP behind US at game end.

Found the NVA hard to work out how best to use as whilst they can field lots of troops these can be swept away pretty handily by US/ARVN that Airlift then Assault (plus Dad acquired a pretty potent M48 capability event that killed off an extra 2 NVA per assault !).

VC more akin to FLN in Colonial Twilight.

Great stuff again

Then we had a quick run out with Undaunted Normandy which was extremely easy to teach.

Yanks lost as I neglected to use Hunker Down and suffered from some very good Kraut shooting that removed a Scout and a Rifle team ie half my force and seen my deck therefore overloaded with Fog Of War cards.

What a fun quick playing game which we shall play more of.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Undaunted Normandy arrives

This new title arrived today and I managed a quick solo try with first scenario.

First impression is it is a very light, quick playing game but with more depth than at first appears.

Totally Infantry-centric with no AFVs or Artillery (just Mortars) but this suits the theme and premise.

Hope to get it into ‘proper’ action soon.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Washingtons War....more retirement fun

Playing through a solo game of this update to the original CDG 'We The People' (one of many games that have not seen light of day but which I hope to rectify now I have more time).
Some interesting changes and seems slicker process overall, although I do sort of miss the originals' Battle Cards.

As usual with GMT very nice components including a mounted map board (always a bonus for me).

Must get a head to head/Vassal with this.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

L'Art De La Guerre two games played

Couple of games of LADG at 'Dice Demons' today.

I used Sassanid Persians who faced Late Romans and then Justinian (ie Early) Byzantines and beaten by both (not so much by Demon Dicing but my own horror rolls !!)

As ever with these rules two quick playing and fun games.

My Sassanid List needs a bit of a tweak but otherwise fun to use.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Some figures painted ! another benefit of Retirement

Been retired a full month now and have managed to paint up some actual figures (in addition to the AFVs I completed).
This time a batch of ACW 15mm Confederate troops, enough for 3 units, although many more still to go !
Lancashire Games figures, 'chunky' style and easy to paint even with my failing eyes.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

More Fire In The Lake excellence

Another run out of FITL with my Dad this time we tried the Full scenario (1964-1972) to try out several different events including Pivotal Events.

This means all 6 Coup cards in deck (we went with historical mix of cards so 12 from 1964, 24 from 1965 and 36 from 1968 decks.)

Another truly great superb gaming experience ensued with the COIN system once again shining for us.

We only managed to play through to 4th Coup card (shorter 1965 game definitely..um..shorter) and counted it as a draw as ARVN and NVA both on -8 Victory levels.

I do hope to get a bash with this with 4 players someday.