Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Warfare 2008

Went to Warfare 08 show in Reading on Friday 21/11/08 until Sunday 23/11/08 with Stephen and his brother John.

Great time had by all and way too much money spent !!

Played a turn or two of Warlord II game being run by author Trevor Halsall

Another visitor snapped a photo, my presence noted due to pink bag which I had on table at time :-)

Watched a few competition games with several Irish players of Dbmm present, lots of FOG games too as well as FOW. 6th Edition, POW and some WH40K

Lots of lead to paint now and rules to read :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DBMM 400pts Avar vs Central Asian Turkish

400pt Dbmm game vs Stephen Brittain

I used Avars vs his Central Asian Turks

Very quick game (4 turns!) which saw my Avars hemmed in by terrain and struggling to gain room to manouvre (including being out-flanked by Flank March) and yet destroying eenemy in course of 2 turns of combat (loads of 1's thrown by Stephen) and for loss of a mere 3 elements !!
A 25-0 :-)

Still a good fun game