Monday, August 31, 2015

Napoleonic Principles Of War game

Played a game today at Stephens using the Napoleonic Principles Of War rules.
We played these many many years ago but never this revised 2nd Edition set.
I used a 1813/14 French army against a late British Peninsula type force.
We both really enjoyed the game despite having to re-learn the rules.
A nice playable set and we like the variable terrain system.
Use of Commanders quite abstract but the Initiative/PIP and Orders system is fine overall (sort of a hybrid of Shako and General De Brigade).
Pretty much at same level as Field Of Glory with units representing Brigades or Regiments grouped into Divisions and we both fielded roughly a Corps.
Certainly much simpler than FOGN but possibly lacking some of its nuances.
Not the same feel for differences between Guard, Veteran, Average etc as units are based on Strength Points which equate to combat power and morale.
So for instance my Young Guard are 14 strength whereas my Line Infantry are 12 and Conscripts 10 but they all fight, shoot and test morale exactly the same only these strengths levels making any difference.
But it certainly works and flows well.
Units are 3 figures on 3cm x 1.5cm with 3 bases per unit in 15mm so we used 2 of our 4cm x 3cm bases as being closest to this (although they are double depth for Infantry) and this worked fine (same as Shako II units).
Couple of twists in Army lists for British with a Light Infantry Division (cam move in rough type terrain at full speed) and several tough Infantry at 16 strength.
I found the use of Movement Bases a bit cumbersome but it does allow a bit of Fog Of War until the dummy bases are revealed.
Interested to see how Age Of Eagles compares.
All in all a decent set that we may well revisit (along with the 18th Century set)

French Young Guard attack columns approach British lines

French Line and Conscript units hold right flank

Chevaux Legere try to hold the British

Young Guard en evant...............

The British lines await...............

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

No Retreat: The Russian Front

Played this excellent game with my Dad recently and great fun it was too despite forgetting to utilise the free Soviet Unit upgrades for several turns !!

Such a good balance of playability and flavour.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Black Powder: a little more Seven Years War

Played several interesting turns of a solo re-run of our Black Powder game today substituting my Prussians for Stephens just to thrash out a few rule tweaks.
Mainly I was testing a system of forcing Infantry units to dice (a Morale test of sorts) to charge other Infantry in the Open which seems in keeping with our understanding of Seven Years War engagements.
Whilst it means another dice roll it does seem to work ok with higher Moral level types being potentially more aggressive and Militia types corresponding less so.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Black Powder: Seven Years War

Another run out for Black Powder rules using our Seven Years War stuff today.
I fielded Russians against Stephen's Prussians.
We have I think the Seven Years War modifications we use are pretty much honed to how we like things now thereby leaving us to simply fight the battle.
I just could not pass a Break Test today and Stephen was able to save the bulk of any hits I inflicted and I never managed to roll a single 6 in shooting to cause a Disorder (is that even possible !!??).
Still another excellent game with these fast play rules.
They may lack some of the 'nitty gritty' of other sets but they do give plausible outcomes with minimal tweaking and lower complexity rules overhead.
Maybe its a consequence of getting older but simpler seems more fun now than complex ?

Prussian centre

And their right wing

Prussian left wing occupies ploughed fields

Russian centre and right

Russian left wing anchored in town

Russian initial set up

Contest for central town ensues

Action on Russian left

Monday, August 03, 2015

Conflict Of Heroes: Storm of Steel back on the table

Played couple of scenarios of this lovely looking board wargame with my Dad.
Been a long while since we played this but due to its overall ease of play and low rules overhead we got back into it fairly easily.
Forgot how high the casualty rates can be but still a fun nights gaming.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Honours Of War (play test version) game

Game at Stephens using last play test version of Honours of War rules (due for publication by Osprey in November).
I used Prussians against the Austrians.
Very slick and quick system to use especially the movement and command but as previously we found the Hit/Morale system just way to 'bloody' (even with somewhat toned down version of latest play sheet) with units being reduced to 'Done For' status tout suite.
Certainly very decisive gaming but maybe just too much so for us.
We will use our own version of Hit Chart I suspect once rules are available.

Phone photos again (really must try to remember camera !)