Thursday, May 01, 2008

FOG 800pts Galatian vs Alexandrian Macedonian

FOG game today using my Galatians vs Stephens Macedonians
Good game with very few rules queries (FOG definately scores highly in this respect)

Galatian Foot slogged it out with Pikes and eventually were ground down.

If Celts dont win at Impact they are fighting disadvantage for all (most) ensuing Melee phase (ie 5s vs 4s) and will be ground down.

Elite Agema cavalry with a General in front rank fighting are mean re-rolling 1-3s !

FOG does not really have an equivalent to Warband or IrrA or Firece trrops of other sets.

Galatians seemed quite impotent/diluted compared to other sets, not sure if this is good or bad ??