Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Warfare In The Age Of Reason 3rd Edition game

Game using newly published 3rd Edition Warfare In The Age Of Reason rules today against Stephen.

I used my Russians against Prussians in an encounter type game after rolling for terrain table set up as per the campaign system.

Not a great deal has changed in rules mainly some streamlining and clarifications type stuff.

We had a ding dong battle with Prussian foot showing their shooting and maneuvering prowess (they get to move half move at no effect and full move at -1 dice compared to others who suffer -1 dice if move half maximum and they also get +1 firing when Fresh).
Only the fact that the Russians had an extra Brigade of Infantry saved them as their right wing Cavalry were crushed by Prussian Cuirassier.
Sadly their own Cuirassier failed miserably to defeat the weaker Prussian Dragoons on left !

We enjoyed the tactical aspects of Age of Reason despite the lack in inertia.

To be tried again

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another game this time 'Over The Hills'

Game against Stephen today at his abode to let him try the 'Over The Hills' rules (of which he purchased a set at Derby show).

We played a points based (300 each) 'pick up' style game with Stephen using Russians and I the French.

A very enjoyable game once Stephen got the basic concepts of the rules and quite fast flowing as well.

We both feel they are a good set for Divisional size battles with enough period fluff/chrome to satisfy without being overly complex being slightly less involved than General De Brigade.

We used all optional rules with exception of the Orders section.

Again only real gripe was finding relevant rules and keeping abreast of the Basic vis Optional rules although the latest version of QRS and my reminder sheet both helped.

Not best pics as poor light and phone camera.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Field Of Battle - Seven Years War game

Hallelujah !! I managed to get a miniatures game in today with my son Steven.

I set up a Seven Years War Prussian vs Russian bash and used Field Of Battle 2 rules as they are so easy to teach the mechanics to a new player.

Game turned into a cracker with plenty of action and events.

Prussia had the ascendancy initially as their superior cavalry arm saw of their Russian opponents in short order.

However Russian foot proved devastating with their shooting and Prussian losses mounted with several units routed in a single turn of horror and bloodshed.

Prussians tried to turn Russian right flank but fell foul of a Major Morale check after running out of Army Morale Chips and the game ended.

Great to get back to gaming after an enforced hiatus.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Combat Commander: Normandy 2 more scenarios played

My time enforced gaming 'hiatus' continues but did manage a brief sojourn to my Dads where we played two more Combat Commander: Normandy games.
First was behind Utah beach with US assault on Crisbeq battery and the second a FFI (with unique SAS Commando unit) encounter with some Osttruppen near a Chateux in Brittany.
Both allied wins.