Saturday, December 16, 2023

Spearhead - 'Summer Fury' scenario played

Our Christmas game today at Johns using Spearhead with his and Stephens excellent 6mm kit.

Scenario was from published East Front booklet entitled 'Summer Fury' set in August 1942 with Germans attacking entrenched Russians with aim to achieve a breakthrough (ie exit 10+ stands of enemy base edge) 

John and I took Nazis and Stephen and Mr P the Soviet defenders (Le Duc was AWOL being down in Fermanagh - well someone has to be I guess.)

A tough old slog for Germans against entrenched Soviets (who get lots of Ambush fire).

On German left Johns Panzers came a cropper against dug in Soviets whilst his PzGr had torrid time against Mr Ps infantry (John had so many 1 and 2 rolls whilst Mr P could not roll anything but a 5 or 6 !!).

On German right my Veteran Panzer Battalion outflanked and was doing okay against Soviet foot after discovering them with Recon elements and then assaulting with Panzers against Suppressed units. 

However the appearance of Ivan reserves turned tide here as T34s just too good compared to outnumbered/outclassed PzIII/IVs.

One Stuka sortie done huge damage taking out a full Company of Soviet infantry !

But German losses were such that they were not going to break through Russian lines (they had to additionally destroy 12 Ivan elements which they just about done) as we called game (on turn 12).

Great game with one of my favourite rule sets and so suitable for 6mm

My Panzers pummel Soviet lines

Johns Recce Abteilung advances in center against massed entrenched Ivan infantry

As PzGr and Panzers support

Panzer Battalion with 2 Coys of PzIII 1 Coy of PzIV and PzII Recce Coy (PzRegt HQ was attached) 

Forces heavily engaged as Soviet reserves appear with tough T34s the bane of the Panzerwaffe

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Glory Is Fleeting first try

Had first outing with Glory Is Fleeting (ie FOGN3) set today with Stephen using his French versus my Prussians circa spring 1813.

Very much a experimental game as we tried to use various troop types and get a grasp of new rules.

Army lists seem essentially unchanged (no doubt several tweaks) but rules whilst having same core as previous version has several new aspects to absorb.

The set-up system with the six strategies is retained (hurrah ! as this is excellent) with only minor changes to wording/effects, as is the terrain generation system.

Several changes to game play including sequence of play and some streamlining of procedures but with a whole new skirmishing aspect (similar to that used in Lasalle 2) to game.

I had a brain barf throughout with regard to Complex Move/Command Tests which I think is same as it ever was but I kept getting confused/failed to grasp as to when an ADC was used and a dice roll required d'oh !!

We only played a few turns as much discussion of new game effects and possibilities/what ifs along with of course a couple of queries.

These have great potential for points based, minimal preparation type games.