Monday, April 15, 2024

The British Way COIN - a two player outing

Played the Malaya game from The British Way with my Dad and great to see the game in 'proper' two player mode.

I played the extended version (9 cards per campaign rather than 7) and Dad took the British and I the MCP.

Great stuff and easy to teach and play (Dad not up to heavier games anymore) and in the end my MCP won by a mere 4 VP.

Friday, April 12, 2024

The British Way COIN - Malaya and Kenya solo

Couple of solo plays with the COIN games The British Way namely Malaya and Kenya.

So easy to get into these fun short 'gamettes' even in solo mode.

Malaya had a clear MCU victory over Britain on almost final card (I played the extended 27 card version) as able to sabotage the Economic Centres and Kuala Lumpur.

In Kenya Britain was able to easily put down (second Propaganda card) the Mau Mau insurgency by striking hard at their bases.


Thursday, April 11, 2024

No Retreat! The Russian Front - Pbem update

Pbem game of excellent No Retreat! Russian Front still ongoing with Mike and we are now well into 1942 (Turn 9 Sept/Oct) with my Germans I fear pretty much at their high water mark as Russians building strength and quality after a torrid set of winter turns for my lot.

Such a great playable game this

Turn 9 Soviet Combat phase with my having just placed three counter blows (a lot of strong red units now in Soviet arsenal !)

General d'Armee 2 - Dresden scenario

Another outing for GDA2 today with Stephen using the Dresden scenario from the 1813 supplement with me as attacking French (a chance to use my infrequently seen Young Guard) against defending Russo-Prussians.

Another interesting game with couple of new situations to delve into eg it seems Squares cannot support units (fair enough) but can be supported by other non-squares (at least we could find nothing disallowing this), I thought this was fine Stephen less so.

Only real 'problem' we had is the lack of definition of how to handle/model hills, its fine when these line a table edge as classed as slopes but a stand alone 'wargame style' hill is less clear as no mention of crests or reverse slopes or suchlike.

We simply house ruled that anything beyond middle of a hill from whichever angle viewed is out of sight which we liked better than being visible from anywhere to everywhere on a hill.

Highlight for my lot was a Infantry Assault against Prussian Brigade with Veteran Young Guard when I initially rolled double 3 but had 2 re-rolls and re-rolled one 3 as a 6 then re-rolled second 3 as another 6 !!! this forced a Prussian foot unit off the hill in retreat and a supporting artillery battery to withdraw, unformed and low on ammo.

The victorious lead unit then saw off a cavalry charge by forming square (with support from a unit in column).

However my other Young Guard Brigade fared much less well against a Garrison in central village as 2 charges bounced with the second seeing a reinforced melee by both sides which resulted in my 2 units forced to retreat and Faltering the Brigade and I had to use a 'Stand With Me' CinC Command to steady this Brigade but it was pretty much a spent force.

On our respective flanks we faced cavalry and our infantry were forced into square slowing their advances.

Think we only completed 5 turns (bit less than usual but with action from get go as defenders set up two thirds off way onto table).

Skirmishers were very potent and flexible as usual.

Village objective in centre were Young Guard Brigade was completely repulsed.

And the hill where other Young Guard Brigade achieved a stunning (ie lucky) success

A large plateau/flat top style hill in foreground (described as a rise in scenario) which we house ruled as having crest line (as seemed odd to be able to sit at rear and see and be seen)


Thursday, April 04, 2024

'Battle for the Puebla Heights' scenario with General d'Armee 2

Game at Stephens today using GDA2 again this time with a scenario from the Vitoria supplement based on action around Puebla Heights June 1813.

I was defending French and Stephen used his British/Allied force with a first ever appearance of a Brigade of Spanish units.

I misunderstood the ability of Light Infantry to be able to skirmish in any rough ground (I thought it was only in cover such as woods) so mis-deployed my Light Infantry heavy Brigade in centre instead of on the Puebla Heights (classed as rough terrain).

Stephen offered to allow a redeploy but I stuck with my error and a Brigade of standard foot occupied the heights.

As it turned out this had little effect as this Brigade managed to be Hesistant for a full 7 of the 9 tunes we completed.

I had terrible ADC rolls on several turns including one with only 1 being available so used the Chief Of Staff order to counter this but the twits on heights still went Hesitant even when given a Brigade re-roll !

Allied skirmishing rolls were pretty awesome throughout (Stephen rolled maximum hits several times) and my Skirmish Screens were soon decimated.

I had a couple of Faltering Brigades at one point so availed of the new 'Stand With Me' CinC order (essentially a Rallying call to one Brigade).

Stephen also used both his CinC commands to 'Commit Reserves' and a 'Post of Honour' to aid a charge.

These CinC commands add a nice new level of decisions/options with the command system. 

My leftmost Brigade on Puebla Heights in usual Hesitant status

My mis-deployed Light Infantry arrayed in centre (unable to skirmish as in open)

Subijana village a tactical objective. I mounted a limited counterattacked on this flank drawing the Portugese reserves to this flank

Skirmish phase well underway 

Gap on my left that my own reserves were to fill

There seemed to be an awful lot of the enemy (only 3-4 more units but being in Lines made them seem more numerous)

My reserves under St Pol have plugged gap but I am now nearly bereft of skirmishing units

Hesitant on left yet again as Spanish put on pressure

Stalemate in centre

My right flank well outnumbered (this Brigade Faltered and twas here I used 'Stand With Me')

Allied skirmishers having free reign (skirmishers are pretty good especially if they gain ascendancy and no cavalry about and we rate them much better than a Recruit foot unit)

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Ulster Wargames Society - Sharps Practice game

Monthly club meeting this Easter weekend and partook in a Sharps Practice 2 game run by Jeremy D with his lovely 28mm Revolution period kit and terrain.

I was playing as 'Romeo Reggio' an Italian bloke on French side along with Mike and David S. Opposing us was a Austrian force with Bryn, Simon and Billy in command.

A highlight was Bryn, acting as Austrian CinC, denying Simon opportunity to charge with couple of cavalry units using Command Cards (Flags) only for Simons leader card to appear next and a cry of "you can't stop me now !" very Hussar like.

Mike commanding our cavalry suffered early under deluge of fire (so many dice) including a potent Austrian artillery piece but was able to save one unit and support with some Light Infantry.

Simons failed attempts at fisticuffs (charges and melees) in the centre saw the Austrian gun blocked for good portion of game as cavalry withdrew in front of them.

David and I had our close order foot types on a ridge (Austrian objective) in entrenchments with David having a 8pdr gun but whose crew were initially asleep in a local hostelry so took a while to man their positions thankfully they were roused and vacated the building just before it caught fire !

I had couple of skirmishing units with a 'secondary' mission of locating (and 'dealing' with) an agent sent by command to investigate some dodgy dealings by Romeo. 

Billy opposing me also had cause to locate same gent but we failed to find him at games end.

A lot of work setting up the scenario as Jeremy was catering for six players but it all flowed well with plenty of incident with a draw (?) being end result

I only managed a couple of pics

Simons Light Cavalry gearing up for charges

Village where Billy and I searched for Agent

Also at club the two Daves played a couple of FOGR games with Ottomans facing Ethiopians

Now this is dedication to your craft !

Andy and Richard had a nice 28mm Hail Caesar game going with Romans versus some Celtic types.

Also Paddy and co were running an Afghanistan game with Brits in Helmand but don't know what rules used ? 

As an aside the caretaker was unaware we were meeting so had forgotten to put on heating in hall so whilst it was sunny and mildly warm outside (the first such day in what seems eons in NI) we were all 'foundered' (colloquial term for suffering from hypothermia) but we soldiered manfully on of course. 

Thursday, March 28, 2024

General d'Armee 2 - French vs Russians 1812 (Pick Up Game)

Stephen and I tried GDA2 again today using the Pick N' Mix lists to see how Russians fare under rules.

Stephen defended with Russians and I attacked with French.

Russians rolled a Commissariat (most likely result) and French had usual Campaigner.

French ended up with a Bold Brigadier whilst Ivans had no Bold nor Poor types.

The Commissariat meant only 1 CinC command available and reduced list of available orders and additionally the French gained an Adjutant (first we seen one of these), so Russians a bit less flexible overall but their actual troops are pretty much the equal of anyone else.

We are starting to fairly whizz through the basic phases of the game and the actions.

Only query we had this time around was use of Reserves which come on on central sector in that can they just move where they want or must they use a Redeploy order to enter the battle line (this concept we find a bit wholly as we did in original GDA).

I had less than stellar Initiative rolls (even when Stephen was rolling 3 or 4 dice) and lost initiative on 4 out of 6 turns we played although my adjutant did gain me some additional ADCs (he can re-roll one failed roll of 1)

I conducted a charge with my Veteran Battle Dragoons with support into lowly Campaign Hussars also with support but bounced at contact (ie went unformed) after Stephen rolled a 11 to my 7 and the Russian Hussars counter charged with Elan.

In the ensuing combat I had 5 dice vs Stephens 6 but lost 4 hits to 2 being Retreated.

On other flank I charged (just to see how this would unfold) a small Artillery Battery with my own supported Campaign Chasseurs but suffered 4 causalities and a failed DT test making my lot Unformed and then was forced to Withdraw in the charge resolution (another 11 by Stephen) narrowly avoiding becoming Broken.

Not unexpected and small Artillery are pretty good as they shoot just well as Standard or Large batteries, we sort of expected them to be diluted somewhat but no (although they do die if suffering 6+ casualties whereas others would just be worn).

We are both liking the style of game in GDA2 as it has a nice level of 'detail/chrome' within a playable system set at Division sized game.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Just a few Seven Years War pics

Have table set up for a GDA2 game with Stephen this coming Thursday so just used portion of it to fiddle about with some SYW Russians and Prussians.

Dabbled with aspects of Warfare In Age Of Reason, Honours Of War and Lace Wars and was for trying couple of other neglected sets but got distracted (so easily done) and got no further