Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hitler's Reich another game

Another game with my Dad of this addictive game (so much so I have struggled to get anything else on table including Pavlov's House).

For first time we played through to end of 1945 with Germans (Dad) winning a minor victory by holding Berlin and two other production centers.
Lots of to and fro in this one with African theater dominating by Axis but Russia Axis free due to poor Barbarossa.
Overlord and Bagration both underwhelming and just could not get around Berlin as Axis always seemed to have big Conflict card to retake areas with the Ruhr region changing hands several times.

Just one pic from early 1942 situation with Finland and Romania converting to Soviet sphere (after Event play) and Malta in Axis hands (after a Paratroop assault)

Monday, December 03, 2018

Hitler's Reich more play time

Couple of games with my Dad with this addictive fast playing WW2-lite game.

Messed up first game however by forgetting to conduct end of year stuff (ie allocate random Events) so quickly re-started (very easy to do).

Second game was great with Dad pursuing a naval strategy against Britain instead of traditional Barbarossa in 1941.
However I was able to take Italy and strike into Germany supported in 1942 by Russians.
Eventually I surrounded Berlin and took it ending game as Germans had no adjacent area from which to launch a game saving counter blow.

Aborted game

Game two with Italy knocked out of war and Franco added to Axis

And a new acquisition (interested to compare to its fore-bearer We The People) 

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Modern Spear Head our Christmas 'club' game

Game using Modern Spear Head (which I have had unplayed since publication !) at Johns for our Christmas game.
Scenario arranged by John and Stephen both of whom supplied all the 6mm kit and terrain (with roads from me).
Game was set in 1984 with a West German Brigade defending against 3 Soviet Mechanized Brigades both sides with Artillery and Helicopter support.
Richard and I took the Germans whilst Stephen P, Darren and John commanded the Red hordes.
The dice demon umpired.
They also had a Soviet flag and furry hats much to the disgust of Richard :-)

Great game with a good set of rules (WW2 Spear Head outing now in my wee brain).
Germans set up in defence across narrow part of the table with Soviets appearing from eastern edge trying to take a town and bridge on western edge (Or to exit 3+ Bttns).
I had a Panzer Bttn equipped with Leopard IIs and a Pz Grendier Bttn in a mix of Marders and M113s with some Engineers a couple of Gepards and Luchs AC.
I had a battery of M109s in support off table.
Richard had a Pz Grenadier Bttn with a mixed Bttn with a Company of Leopard 1A3s some Jaguars and we allocated him support from M110s and a MLRS Battery and he had control of our Helicopter force (2 PAH anti-tank helos).

We were allowed 3 hidden stands and I used this to 'hide' a Coy of Leo IIs on a hill on my southern flank.
I deployed the rest of my Panzers on a central hill with my Pz Gren forward in a town to stymie the Soviets as my half of table contained the bridge/town objective.
Richard deployed in similar fashion with his Leo to rear on a wooded hill and Grenadiers in forward positions with Jaguars in support.

Both sides had a limited supply of Electronic Warfare missions and a possibility of some Aircraft if air superiority was ever achieved (did not happen in game)

As expected the Soviets arrived in a massive wave across the table led by Tanks on both flanks but in the center (Stephen P) by their Mech Infantry.

Opening exchanges saw our MLRS battery being destroyed by counter battery fire (Soviet artillery was lighter but more numerous than FRG types).
Richard deployed our Helos on turn 2 and they helped delay Soviets on his flank despite 1 being shot down by a SAM.

Shortly a flight of Hind helos appeared opposite my lot as John saw a Coy of Leo IIs advance from their hill to support the Pz Grenadiers.
Thankfully my Gepards were nearby and engaged the Hinds (in MSH the Helos have a priority target of enemy AA types) allowing unmolested progress of my Leos.

Pressure was mounting on both flanks and I performed a Tactical Break Off with my Pz Grenadiers (much to the surprise of the Soviets who it seemed expected me to launch an attack into their oncoming lines) to avoid a potentially disastrous Morale check.
This left my Leos and some Engineers to hold which they manfully did.
They were able to decimate the central Soviet thrust as BMPs were easy targets causing several Morale checks (and much confusion in Soviet ranks) which the buggers managed to pass !!
They also kept Johns force pinned in the town evacuated by the Pz Gr whilst forcing his supporting tanks to retire.
On Richard flank Darrens force was delayed greatly attacking a couple of town sector which took a few turns to grind down and capture.

Upon finish of the game we declared an honourable draw as the Soviets were well off approaching their objectives and had significant losses.
German forces were all close to Morale Check point but with only 2 Leo IIs lost they still had significant striking power especially as Soviet artillery had expended most of its ammo supply.

Great game in usual great company with might craic (I do enjoy winding opponents up) and excellent hospitality.
We went afterward to an Indian for meal and waffling session.

Think my fav part of proceedings was when the Soviets had to stand outside the room in garden whilst we were briefed by Stephen and despite their furry hats etc I could hear cries of "can we come in its freezing out here !" so much for the hardy Russian warriors..........

The 'role-players'

And what Richard thought of it all :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

General D'Armee again - Eisdorf scenario

Another game with GDA today using a GDB scenario covering action around Eisdorf 1813.
I used my Russians again against the attacking French.
A very bloody and hard fought game with Russians succumbing in the end to multiple Infantry Assaults.
One unit of Neapolitan Line lead by a Brigadier took the core of two of my Brigades with a Carry On charge result !
I did have a chance to swing things with a Infantry charge of my own which gained Elan giving me 6 dice to French 4 but (needing 4+) I rolled no hits in melee whilst French inflicted 4 out of 4 on my lot !!
We are getting the hang of the basic concepts of GDA fairly well now but as ever a couple of things were tough to work out.
It seems that Artillery can shoot through any size gap as long as it can target any part (ie even a single mm) of a target unit but we decided that in future to make a base width minimum (Ie 40mm with our units).
Also tough in this scenario to use my reinforcing Brigade as restricted to crossing river at Bridge and as rules are written a Brigade in Reserve can only (?) be committed to the battle line so cannot really go in behind another Brigade.
We again decided to allow Brigades to move into a 'support' position behind another Brigade from Reserve as this seemed reasonable rather than having to redeploy a forward Brigade or wait until a gap appears once a Brigade is dispersed.
We are also realising that units are fairly generic in GDA with not much in the form of national characteristics compared to some sets.
Russian Line infantry are essentially same as French with no sense of Russian stoic nature or indeed French elan, however the French are more bit efficient in use of their ADCs.
So not as nuanced as say BP can be or even FOB but the biggest strength of GDA is IMHO the Charge Procedure/Outcomes with most charges being resolved without troops resorting  to an actual clash of bayonets with a retire or retreat outcome more likely outcome on Charge Results table, this 'feels' quite Napoleonic.

Russians deployed

Battery on ridge (fairly meaningless in GDA)

Prussian battery support Russian colleagues

Joy disinterested on French deployment

French right

Eisdorf in center of Russian deployment

French left

Initial moves

Horns locked on my left

And to right of town

Neopolitan unit about to charge from behind Skirmish line

Russian right

Neopolitans have swept away all Russians before them !!

My Infantry at left preparing to their doom 

Cossacks suffering

Monday, November 19, 2018

Combat Commander - two scenarios played

Couple of scenarios (from the Tournament Pack) played with my Dad with this continually excellent game.
First saw me defend with Polish troops in 1939 and a narrow win achieved.
Second was set in Ardennes 1944 with a clash of Recce units with my Yanks coming out on top again, and again narrowly.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

General D'Armee - McDonalds attack scenario played......and couple of new rule sets

Another go today with GDA using the included scenario 'McDonalds Attack at Bautzen'.
We had played this one initially but a lack of familiarity with the rules made for a less than stellar game for Stephens Russians.
This time round I was Russians and Stephen the French.
Having realised that hills in GDA are only useful for overhead firing with Artillery I moved off these in quick order to confront the French.
I was able to hold on my right but a failed Brigade Morale Test (ie Faltering) saw my left wing Brigade retreat.
In center a French Brigade used Infantry Assault order to push my Jagers out of a town.
I did throw my Light Cavalry Brigade forward from reserve but they failed to charge into a French Column as their massed guns helped shoot them off.
Unfortunately we failed to finish but the Russians were up against it and the French Cuirassier Brigade was as yet uncommitted.
All in all a much better game than our first try with scenario as we both now get that Brigades need deployed in depth to allow repulsed (retiring/retreated/routed) units to recover.
But we still keep coming up against several rules that lack definition (Fall Back, Skirmish Shooting and today Overhead Fire) which means much debate and page flicking, hopefully this will lessen as we play more.

Russian left wing and center

Russian center and right

Russian right wing

French arrayed

Action on Russian right

Russian Light Cavalry advances

Russian left under pressure

French Infantry prepare to assault town

New rules from Stand To Games arrived this week both based on the Over The Hills system