Saturday, September 28, 2013

Onslaught game another EBay purchase

This arrived today (huzza) and is in really great condition (I have been pretty lucky with my EBay gae purchases in this regard).
Got time to set it up on table and looks to be a fairly simple and very playable treatment of Western Front campaign.
Generic counters but a rather interesting Sequence Of Play. Look forward to giving it a play through.


Field Of Glory: Ancients - Early Mycanean vs Hittite

Played game of FOGA at mine against Stephen as we were both keen to try Chariot type armies.
I fielded my Minioan/Early Mycaneans and Stephen used his Hittites.
So lots of Chariots on the table.
I had 16 Heavy Chariots armed with Light Spear and Hittites had 25 with a mix of Light Bow armed and Heavy Light Spear armed types.
My Spearmen are classed as Defensive Spear with supporting bow rank (after this game I would dispense with the support rank and field seperate Light Infantry with Bow and all Spear units).
Another fun game with quite a bit of terrain and lots of manouvering by us both.
However just as in the FOGR game we played last Sunday my dice rolling was diabolical !!
I passed only 2 Cohesion Tests all game !!  So with multiple disruptions my chaps were up against it and of course then succumbed pretty quickly (combats seem much more decisive in version 2 of FOG with penalties in tests more severe).
Really good to get these 'Biblical' type armies out again and another entertaining game despite yet another loss.

Pics have somewhat green hue due to poor lighting ?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Combat Commander: Paratrooper games played

Played the always excellent Combat Commander at my Dads last night.
Played three scenarios from my recently acquired 'Paratroopers Battle Pack 1'.
And three cracking games they were although of course I neglected as usual to note names/details !
Usual swings of fortune especially in first game which looked like I had my Dads Fallschirmajger banged to rights with my US Airborne near Carentan but in last few hands the Krauts managed to swing things their way for a narrow win.
Second game (another Normandy based sceario) saw another close outcome but with my US guys coming out on top.
Third scenario was set in December in Bulge with both sides fighting over some downed air drop supplies.
An interesting and fun situation that seemed very even until I had a lucky double shot at a strong Kraut group killing them off and capturing couple of nearby suply drops to give me a clear points victory.

Great games with this superbly fun system.

Pics of games

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Field Of Glory Rennaisance game

Game using FOGR today at Stephens as he wanted to use his freshly painted Danish army.  The army is from circa 1670+ so I have nothing properly contemporary but fielded a Late German Thirty Years War army from around 1640-48.
Great game as always with my army forced to try to get to grips with Danes tout suite as they have superior shooting.
I lost an awful lot (by which I mean about 10 bases !!) to shooting when only a 1 would cause a loss, this included 5 losses in one turn !!
When I did get into melee  things were a bit better especially as my Cuirassier outclass the Danish horse units.
Losses mounted on my side pretty quickly though and the army succumbed well before Danes in any real danger.
Good to get figures on the table again

Some pics of action


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Awaiting my return from Holiday

Just got back from nice relaxing break near Nice, France and this was awaiting me a nice (note the subtle theme here) unpunched (!) copy of Fortress Europa another EBay purchase of an old Avalon Hill (RIP) game that I always wanted but never got round to getting in past.  Have several more days off work (huzza) so hope to get this and some other games on table, but best laid plans and all that.....................................
I do have a FOGR Miniatures game planned for tomorrow for definate though.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sad passing of inspirational Wargamer and WWII veteran Donald Featherstone

Sad to hear than Donald Featherstone passed away one of the inspirations for my (and many others) addiction to Wargaming..........................

Pic from C3i site

Sunday, September 01, 2013

'Lardie' alternatives

'Lardie Rules' Day at Belfast Club on Saturday (with Richard Clarke in town to show off Chain Of Command rules) which I had planned to attend but sadly could not (damn work yet again). However I did manage to get out to Fathers with my son Steven for a couple of 'compensatory' games. We played a fun Zombie game called it with a nice tile laying system and plastic Zombies. Nice fun game especially multi-player. My son also got in a game of Combat Commander against my Dad and seemed to really enjoy it (winning the scenario helped). Also an EBay purchase arrived, Bitter Woods (Avalon Hill/MMP 2nd edition) that I got set up on table but not played any of yet.
Couple of Pbem Vassal game turn also played in Thirty Years War and Barbarossa To Berlin (kinda hooked on this one)

Combat Commander action

Zombie action

Bitter Woods

Thirty Years War

Barbarossa To Berlin