Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Mortem Et Gloriam again - Sogdian vs T'Ang Chinese


Another game with MEG at Stephens today.

He wished to field his T'Ang Chinese so used an early Central Empire version (I think ?) and I selected Sogdian as contemporary opponent.

Again struggling to field a Maximus army (had to borrow some bases from Stephen).

The terrain areas (particularly those for closed flanks and compulsory pieces) can be a good deal bigger than we are used to (40cm x 40cm maximum).

This game had more maneuvering (limited as it may be) by us both than previous outings.

Once again I struggled to use Skirmishing tactic with 'Heavy Cavalry' types.

Another fun game and we are learning the nuances of the rules in every game, Stephen as ever more adeptly than I.

I really like the card Command system (shocker) which takes away the more 'chess-like' approach of FOG adding some inertia/chaos to proceedings.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Hitler's Reich played


Game of Hitler's Reich with my Dad tonight.

Been a while since we played this.

A highly abstract but very fun experience with lots of wild swings of fortune but not much like history !

Axis controlled North African coast at one stage from Libya right across to Iraq !

Italy was knocked out of war in 1942 and Spain entered on Axis side.

Op Barbarossa not launched but Soviets not able to take any of Reich except Poland.

Allies too weak (only 5 card hard and all awful) to launch Overlord and Bagration.

We both got caught up in endless Land attacks and Blitzkriegs neglecting to utilize Events much.

Axis (Dad) won in 1945 with Substantial Victory having higher card allowance than Allies.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Mortem Et Gloriam - Sassanid Persian vs Early Byzantine

Another outing with MEG today.

Maximus size again with my Sassanids fielded against Stephens Early Byzantines.

We both manoeuvred a tad more than in previous games with mounted units and I managed to get my Elephants into contact with a bit of zig zagging.

I used a unit of 6 Cataphracts which generated the best combat dice I have used yet (Greens and Yellows vs Whites) but who still managed to lose and die !

The Superior Persian Asvaran are tough troops but the Average types proved brittle.

Byzantines prevailed but it was as ever a bloody game.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Celebrating VJ Day with an Arab-Israeli game !!


Game today at Johns with the two Stephens and myself (Darren and Richard AWOL), using Seven Days To The Rhine rules and some very nice 10mm kit.

Game was set in 1973 Yom Kippur War in Golan heights area but not a specific scenario, an Attack vs Defend points based affair.

John and I were defending with Israeli forces against two Stephens with Syrians.

Lots of T55s and T62s against some Centurions and 'Super' Shermans with some Infantry on both sides.

7 Days set is a fun set which boils all the complexity of modern period down to a quick and playable level.

Of course a consequence is that a lot of stuff is very broad stroke but it works, although as with any such 'lite' set extended plays tend to reveal its limitations.

Game not quite finished (as lots of discussion/waffling) but Israelis much closer to their break point. it does seem quite hard for defender in 7 Days with the very basic to hit modifiers, essentially -1 for target or shooter Moving and -1 for any and all cover (no matter how dense etc).

Good fun in good company and great to get back to multiplayer game and associated banter.

Israeli lines with Hidden Markers

Syrian Recce Forces make first forays onto table

T55s and T62s advancing

T55s and Sagger team using limited cover

Israeli Infantry engaged in central village (the nominal objective)

Israeli Centurions appear on left (one brewed already)

Israeli Sherman with 105mm engages on right

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Mortem Et Gloriam - Maurikian Byzantine trounced by Arab Conquest

Another game of MEG with Stephen today, trying Maurikian Byzantine against historical opponents Arab Conquest.
Arab foot are very tough as Superior with potent Shieldwall characteristic as if in 2+ ranks this nullifies Shatters at Impact and Melee Expert in fighting phase (I failed to realise this until too late ie once my Cavalry were committed).
I had a unit of Kousores on my right that were simply awesome today rolling 4 wounds on 4 rolls of white dice and then in Impact and Combat rolling a further 4 wounds again on 6 white dice !!
Sadly their Lance armed colleagues were not so proficient elsewhere.
I need to become more adept at ‘grand’ manoeuvre with MEG,  although with the speed of the game not sure there is time for this to be effective even if cards allow.
Next week it is turn of Sassanid Persians to ply their wares...........

Monday, August 10, 2020

Colonial Twilight a solo outing


Had another solo session with this hugely enjoyable game.

Played the full scenario again but it ended on fourth Propaganda card with an FLN auto win by +3 VP.

Even solo I love the depth of decision making and choices each side is presented with on every card.

The sense of history is prevalent throughout despite the random nature of card event 'timeline'.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Colonial Twilight a close run thing.........


Played that most excellent 2-player COIN game Colonial Twilight with my Dad.

We played the full length (5 deck) scenario and it went right to the last Propaganda card (with only 5 Event cards not used).

Dad played as the French/Government and I was therefore the FLN insurgents.

As always a totally engrossing topsy turvy flow of events and actions and tough decisions.

French twice failed by just 1 Victory Point to achieve an auto win but in the end the FLN pipped them at the post by a narrow 2 VP after 'Agitating in a 2 Population area to tip balance from a drawn result.

Such an excellent game.