Friday, October 30, 2020

Lingevres - Rapid Fire Reloaded - more solo action

Played 3 more turns of Lingevres scenario and casualties mounting on both sides.

The German Company in the farm wiped out the British Company and supporting MG Platoon that advanced through woods adjacent to the farm.

This is first I have really seen changes to small arms firing in RFR compared to RF, as now your figures generate a number of dice to throw (sort of like Bolt Action) rather than a single dice on old chart. 

These Germans have then been battered to half strength by British return fire and Mortar stonks.

The most dramatic action was on British right as a Firefly exchanged several ineffectual shots with the Panther which had withdrawn slightly to get out of line of fire of the Achilles on British left.

However Firefly eventually managed to roll a hit and then a 6 brewed the Panther.

The whole German left flank is looking precarious and its still 4 turns until reserves appear.

Tanks and Tank Destroyers to the fore on British left

Support arrives for beleaguered Company near farm

Too late however as German fire devastates the ranks

German Company in church remain silent and unseen

Panther 231 dukes it out with.......................

..... 'Mable'

British right

Overview of from British lines

British tanks try to spot the defenders in the church, unsuccessfully

British Company wiped out and Germans down to half strength at the farm

The victor

And the vanquished

British armoured strength on show

A second Company advances towards the farm

Postscript - I decided to end the game at this point as not seeing anyway back for Germans especially in solo play. One of several Normandy scenarios to revisit once face to face play back on agenda. 

And a board wargame purchase (due next week hopefully), more COIN goodness on an interesting subject

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Lingevres - Rapid Fire Reloaded initial moves

Played out first couple of turns of scenario.

British advancing in standard two up two back formation with 17pdr armed Afvs on both flanks (hoping at least 1 survives to engage Panther).

The 6pdr used its 1 APDS round but missed the Panther.

The Panther engaged a Sherman on road hitting it but failing to inflict any damage !

A stonk by German 81mm mortar also failed.

British are advancing but not in range of German Infantry defenders as yet.

RFR bit limited in its Artillery model as spotter must be able to see a target so 25pdrs not used as yet. Standard RF has a more sophisticated indirect fire system. 

Lingevres 14th June 1944 - a Rapid Fire scenario set up

Have set up Lingevres scenario from Rapid Fire 2 rule book for a solo outing with Rapid Fire Reloaded (and possibly other sets).

Scenario depicts action of 50th Tyne Tees Division on 14th June to capture Lingevres from Panzer Lehr.

The RF scenario has elements of 151st Infantry Brigade attacking elements of 902nd PzGr Regiment.

Specifically the British are a Battalion of the 9th Durham Light Infantry supported by elements from 2nd Cheshires (an MG Company), A Squadron of 4th/7th Dragoon Guards (Shermans), an Achilles Troop from 102nd AT Regt with fire support from 341st Battery of 86th Field Artillery (25pdrs).

The Germans are the reduced 1st Battalion of 902nd with support from Panzer Regt 130 in form of a troop of Panzers (Panthers).

Reserves for Germans (due turn 8) are another troops of Panzers (Panthers) and a PzGr Coy from 2nd Battalion of 902nd.

Germans set up dug in on 2/3rds off table will British advancing across cornfields.

Have set up the initial defenders in and around Lingevres ready for the off.

Overview of Lingevres from German right

Grenadiers ensconced around church 

Another overview from German left

Panthers await

British force (note Sherman to right is an OP Tank for Field Artillery)

German reserves

The awful 2020 is proving to be a good year for WW2 rule sets with the release of Rapid Fire Reloaded and with 'O' Group and World In Conflict both in pipeline (both planned for release before year end)

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Gross-Eckau another solo Field Of Battle 3 scenario played

Another outing with FOB3 this time a scenario Gross-Eckau from July 1812 with Prussians facing Russians near Riga.

Another smallish scenario (this time adapted from an Over The Hills scenario) with 3 Prussian Brigade sized formations against 2 Russian and that again needed very little tweaking for FOB.

Scenario has a two-pronged Prussian attack on a Russian position.

One can see why historically the Russian commander withdrew as in danger of being cut off.

In my game the Russian Artillery was pretty ineffective (historically I believe they caused Prussians a lot of casualties) allowing Prussians to advance relatively unmolested.

The flanking Prussian Brigade was slowed by Russian Cavalry but once these were dealt with by supporting guns the Russians were hard pressed and I decided that indeed a withdrawal was best option.

Another fun solo outing with FOB.

Only have a few pics of initial phases as battery gave up on phone.

Overview of battlefield

Russian main deployment

Two Russian Battalions must occupy the school (lower building) and one other building of Eckau as per scenario instructions.

Prussian 1st and Reserve Brigades waiting to enter with 2nd Brigade flanking on right

2nd Brigade arrives faced by a unit of Jager

Russian Cavalry rides off to delay Prussian flankers

Prussian 1st Brigade pushes forward with Reserve Cavalry on left

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Battle of Gilly - Field of Battle 3 - conclusion to solo game

Finished up solo game of Gilly with a session last night and final session this dull wet Ulster morning.

Prussians have taken a drubbing with so many hits sustained across their units with only minimal damage to French.

Prussian shooting has been miserable and its only as French closed to Melee that Prussian have really inflicted any losses.

The Prussian right is in dire straights with a Line Battalion and Gun Battery destroyed and Skirmishers scattered to the winds.

The remaining two large Infantry Columns have pulled back onto the slope with Dragoons moving to threaten oncoming French columns.

However the French Cavalry and their guns are all across the ford including the impressive Empress Dragoons.

In the center at Gilly a French assault on a portion of the town has been repulsed but a column has been formed to assault across the bridge.

On French right whilst the opposing Landwehr have stood up quite well the French are across the stream and pushing past Gilly.

In FOB terms the Prussians are down to 2 Army Morale Points (out of 25) whilst French still retain 22 (of their initial 30) so rather than flog this horse to its doom the Prussians will retire to Flerus having delayed Napoleon only a trifle.

Great game even solo with FOB and the GDA scenario worked fine with only a few tweaks for FOB purposes.

French Infantry pressing forwards on their left

Overview with French Cavalry massing to cross the ford.

Action around Gilly itself

French cross stream en-mass on their right

Prussians at Gilly looking well outnumbered

Prussian right wing withdraws on slopes as numbers reduced

French mounted waiting (a bloody Move card) to cross the ford

With Prussians having pulled back out of range the effective French Artillery Brigade limbers up to rejoin the fray

French Cavalry across stream and supporting their victorious Foot. Prussian Dragoons hovering. 

French about to cross the bridge in Gilly

Prussian right wing about to be turned after loss of Fusileers Battalion and Gun Battery

French Attack Column bypassing Gilly

Landwehr Brigade still in the action having done better than expected (couple of good rallies)

The end at Gilly as Prussians about to retire.