Sunday, September 30, 2012

NZ Haka for fallen soldiers...........

A moving tribute to fallen comrades (the silence at end is deafening) I felt moved to share

Newspaper article explaining background with video embedded:

No Retreat The Russian Front another go

Played another game of this excellent board Wargame at my Dads last night.
Campaign scenario (must try some if the others) with Dad as Herr Hitler once more and yours truly as Uncle Joe Stalin.
Super game with Nazis taking Leningrad but failing elsewhere.
Two Panzer armies were surrounded near Vorenzeh and captured after narrowly failing to break out and this dented Hun ambitions a good deal.
However a large Ivan counter offensive just west of Moscow failed miserably with loss of four armies to one German thankfully the Reds able to restore losses next turn. Game ended in Soviet sudden death victory on turn 12 (early 1943) due to retaking of 6 cities.
We had couple of rules wobbles (biggest was my placing 5 counterblows in one turn but neglecting to discard cards of which I think I had only 4 or 4, we done it every other turn ok !!).
Germans came close to sudden death win in turn 9 but a staunch defense at Stalino and Kharkov thwarted them.

Only couple of pics as too engrossed in action

Opening moves of Barbarossa
Nazis push Eastwards

Moscow looking vulnerable after failed Soviet offensive (check the destroyed box on right)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Field Of Glory Ancients Punic War Encounter

Played another miniatures game today against Stephen this time at my gaff.
We decided to give Field Of Glory Ancients a run out using the overview of the upcoming Version 2 I found on FOG forum (not exact on some details but enough to play with).
I used my Republican Romans and Stephen fielded the Carthaginians under Hannibal (ie Inspired Leader). Another superb game decided in the main by Punic Elephants and again a relentless failing of Death Rolls by yours truly !
Version 2 stuff we liked as definitely a curb on Skirmishing types mainly in restricting their ability to escape without major risk and indeed they all now are forced to Evade against Battle Troops (ie no dicing to try to stand).
They now only shoot at 3" so again at more risk of being caught.
Another change is in how Leaders contribute Control as Tactical Commanders now command a maximum of 2 units, Field Commander 4 and Inspired 8. This is a change Ii particularly like.
TCs a tad less desirable now.
Another change we found potent is that anyone losing in Impact phase suffers a -1 Cohesion (in addition to -1 for losing to Impact Foot).
Also units now only take a -1 Cohesion if suffering 2 hits per unit meaning a 6 stand unit requires 3 hits instead of current 2 to suffer this factor.
Units that suffer 50% losses and rout cannot be rallied (effect Superior and Elites).
Only new rule we could not fathom (as not explained on the amendment list)  is the hinted at change to units 'leapfrogging/teleporting' through friends when moving/evading.
We played that this was only relevant if said unit got caught by following enemy but not sure what new wording will be.
We liked these changes overall and actually looking forward to playing more games of FOG (as a nice alternative to our favoured DBMM) if the proposed changes go through as indicated.

Carthaginian deployment

Rome's Legions arrayed across the field

Hurling insults stage

Lines clash

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fighting Formations GrossDeutschland blooded

Played Fighting Formations face to face at my Dad's tonight using the initial tutorial scenario. Another great game with us both liking the Initiative System and interactive nature of the game play.
My Russians eked out a narrow win by taking a single Victory Location from the Germans in a vicious Melee against German Pioneer platoon, swung Ivan way with reserves and unlucky Germans suffering a nasty hit counter that stopped them firing or moving.
German Stugs gave my T34s a hard time however.
Whilst we got mechanics of system pretty much sorted the tactical nuances will take much longer to delve into.
Great stuff and yet another game to add to the growing 'want to play again list' !!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Field Of Glory Renaissance game

Game of FOGR yesterday at Stephens using a late version (circa 1642) of my Imperialist Catholic Army against Stephen's French lot.
A really good game that turned into a real slug-fest with poor Death Rolls being death of me in the end !
Good to get some lead on table instead of cardboard :-)
No time for better AAR just now, as packing my lad off to Nottingham University today.

Old iPhone pics again so not great

French at start

Imperial opponents

Imperialists had better of terrain 

Center of French deployment

Imperial Reiters and Commanded shot

Cannons deployed behind (makeshift) Field Fortifications

Dutch units in French service on their right wing

The French foot

Imperial Cuirassier with approaching French Dragoons

Opposing wings about to clash

And going at it..........both Reiter units destroyed by now !

Less dense clash on other wing

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fighting Formations GD on the table

Managed to find a time slot to get this up on table for play through. Very nice game with interesting Order Matrix and Command System. Game reminds me of Conflict Of Heroes in several respects with Cards representing Assests mainly and a Chit Pull system for damage from hits on units. Counters very nice and good functional maps. I like the way units are Platoons but can be broken down into single Squads or AFVs. System leads to lots of decision points each turn as one decides which Order to use (costs differ for Soviets vs Germans) and how much Initiative to use or surrender.
Stacking is unlimited per hex but since a single shot affects everything in a hex I see dangers inherent in such a strategy albeit if one wants and effective Assault one needs numbers. Nice system of Reactive and Opportunity firing  limited by Rate Of Fire (ie rolling at or under Rof on a dice) I see this one gaining favour and hope the series expands in due course.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Wargamy goodness on way..............

Just ordered these two items and looking forward to their arriving at Chez Steiner

Also getting BT Inifinity (ie superfast broadband) installed tomorrow so goodness knows how long I will be off-line (computers and new kit never runs smooth for me !!) 
RIP and Hello
I dread to think of time I will spend trying to re-connect to sites/web-pages/groups etc !!!!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland ordered

Just ordered this beastie from BoardGameGuru and awaiting its arrival.
Another tactical type game with some tactical asset cards and a rather interesting turn/initiative order system.
Looks comparable to the Conflict Of Heroes series but maybe a bit more specific and meatier.

I simply cannot help mineself !

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Wilderness War (Vassal) 1757 ends

Norman and myself eventually finished 1757 turn of our Vassal Wilderness War game (delays due to work/holidays for us both throughout July/August).
An eventful year (ie I played too many bloody events !) with Johnston dying early on a dent in British ambitions.
French launched several unsuccessful raids in the West.
They did however take Fort William Henry and Montcalm came South down the Hudson to try to drive off my force under Loudon which was trying to recapture the Fort.
The illustrious French General failed and had to retreat but Loudon then failed to conduct a siege of the fort.
General Wolfe appeared early in British OOB (made up somewhat for loss of Johnston) and made an Amphibious Assault into Louisbourg Fortress space.
He managed to established a siege but failed in his Assault upon the fortress.
Attrition at years end is brutal in this game (especially if you don't read the rule !!) with any Drilled troops in wilderness areas or as in our case both besieged and besiegers suffering grieviously (you loss half reduced Drilled troops and Reduce all full strength Drilled troops !!).
After a fitfull start with this Vassal game I think we are both getting into it a tad more now and hopefully will flow a bit more steadily from now on.

Overall situation at end of 1757
Hudson river has seen a lot of activity

Stalemate in west regions

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bolt Action WWII

Huzzah !! these just arrived this morning.
Very quick skim through (and sniff of fresh ink....aaaahhhhh....) and usual high production values of these Osprey/Warlord publications with lots of nice illustrations and photos of figures.
These might just get me to resurrect my aged Airfix/Revell etc for an outing as last seen light of day back in 2006.
The spirit is indeed willing but time is non-existent however !