Thursday, March 22, 2007

DBM3.1 Turgesh vs T'ang Chinese

Another DBM3.1 vs SB using my Turgesh (Central Asian Turk circa 737AD) with Ummayadd Arab Allies vs Stephens T'ang Chinese with Turkish Allies. I had 4 Cmds one of Arab allies which consisted of Sp(I) with Ps(O) backed by Cv(O) and Cv(S). The Turks comprised of Lh(S) and a mix of Cv(O) and Cv(S) with several Ps(O) and some Hd(O) Levy. The T'ang turned out to be mainly Cv(S) Lh(F) and lots of Ps(O) and a large collection of Bw(O) and Bw(X). I invaded but SBs terrain selection was very favourable to him with a BUA on one flank a steep rocky hill on the other and a very significant patch of rough ground right slap bang in middle all on his setup areas............this narrowed very much the useable area of the board and with my having no suitable troops to attack any of these features it was going to be tough nut to crack.
As it turned out both flank Cmds cancelled out their oppossition to no real effect throughout the game as neither side had any real advantage (both mixes of Lh & Cv). However in centre I advanced the Arab foot supported by Turk nobles and their own Cav. Once in bow range (even with rain starting) the Arabs lost all of front rank in 2 turns and when I threw in the Cv(S) they too took losses. I managed to get a match-up with overlaps on the end of the large Bw(X) group but poor combat roll saw my Cv recoil. Next turn the Arabs were broken (all thru bowfire) and Cics Cmd was close. Inevitably the bow after several failures shot down my Cv and with Arab losses the army broke..................................roll on DBMM I say :-)

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