Friday, March 02, 2007

Fri 2nd March 2007

Another DBM3.1 game today (vs usual 'enemy' S.Brittain) used 400pt Western Frankish (888-923AD) comprising mainly of Kn(F) backed up by Sp(O), Bw(I) and a few Ps(O) and LH(O) in 3 Cmds with 4th Ally Cmd of Vikings (Bd(O) and Bd(I). Stephen used an Arab force (I forget which particular variant) with mix of Reg and Irr, Sp/Cv/Lh/Ax/Bw also in 4 Cmds.
Terrain as laid by SB was not too god for me as his 3 steep wooded hills appeared on my table half ! this was then followed by mt Viking starting of unreliable (and holding up a Kn Cmd to its rear.
My other Kn cmd was forced to charge and was annilihated in 2 short turns (the number of 1's I rolled was amazing as ever). Thankfully my Foot Cmd held my left flank manfully and I was able to move my remaing Kn to open centre and even better the Vikings came back to the fold (ie 6 rolled) and were able to trundle forward to threaten Arab left. A series of Kn charges (Arab bows not too damaging) got me in amongst the Arab centre and thankfully it was Stephens turn to roll low and his centre was close to collapse. However I could not keep up the sucess and at same time my foot Cmd was under pressure and duly collapsed as my Bow was decimated in melee. Being my largest cmd (also had control of baggage) its demise along with earlier Kn losses gave Arabs the victory. Another close contest down to just a couple of combats to seperate the victors from the vanquished. A couple of unusual situations encountered in the game gave rise to more head scratching as we tried to discpher DBM 'code' and as usual the situation debated had no bearing on outcome anyhow ! we must learn to roll the dice first then debate any issues if needs be :-)

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