Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another (short) Dbmm game

Played another Dbmm game with Stephen on Monday (cut short again due to family commitments)

I used Polybian Romans vs Carthaginians so nicely historical. I had 2 largish Roman Cmds with 3rd smaller AG and a Spainish Celt-Iberian Ally (BfF). I placed the Iberians in front (I was defender) and they were faced by other Celts and 4 El(I). Stephen had lots of Cavalry (Gallic and Punic). My Iberians advanced in line and engaged oppssing Iberians and the elephants. In 2 turns they were wiped out (I did not realise El QK blades in any bound !). Sadly we had to stop early again (getting to be a habit).

The situation as Iberians approach Punic force

Two turns later no Celt-Iberians in sight !!

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