Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dbmm Game 3rd May 2007

Another Dbmm outing with my Galatians vs Stephens Alexandrian Imperial

I used Galatians with 3 Commands (forgot to use 4th Dummy dice)the CiC in a Lt Chariot commanded 2 Chariots and 46 bases of WbS2 SGs had identical Cmds of Sg in Lt Chariot with 2 Lt Chariots 4Cavalry and 3 PsI. 6 Baggage was placed as Army baggage.
The Galatians Invaded and terrain consisted of a Wood near my baselinetwo Open Fields 2 small Craggy Hills (placed by me but stuck on enemybase edge by dicing) an Orchard and 2 Gentle Hills.
The Warband cmd formed in centre with Sg Cmds on either flank.Using Ambush Strategm 3 PsI occuppied the wood edge (were neverrevealed or moved)Alexandrians had (dont know exact composistion) a massed Phalanx incentre flanked with Peltasts and Light Horse.
Two nasty Elephants also abbuted the pikes. Companions formed a Cmd (we counted these as Wedgesbut on 30mm bases as Stephen not rebasing as yet).
More Lt Horse andseveral Psiloi formed the Macedons left. 1 Bolt Shooter completed theensemble. The Macedons used a Reg Baggage Camp (probably not going tobe allowed in offical list but what the hey) as Pip dump.
As hostilities opened the Phalanx and Warbands approached each other.Poor Pips by Celt SGs slowed there supporting moves.

The Companions moved by column (the column forming in Dbmm is pretty slick) to theirleft to harry Celt Cavalry.As the two main bodies approached each other a possible stand-offlooked on the offing but a 1 roll for the Celts saw their first 2ranks advance into charge range of pikemen who duly obliged in theirturn. The Mbyb stuff came into effect in next couple of turns with Warband suffering losses as Pikes counted 4 ranks vs 1 and ElephantsQK their opponnents.

BUT as warband only lost 1 rank they in theirturn fed in supporting warband and now counting as aggressors severalPikes were destroyed (killing 2 ranks with Wb is BIG benefit as is theS Wb gaining +1 if scoring equal allowing a QK).As this was happening the Companions engaged a line of Celt cavalryand in 2 turns defeated them disheartening this cmd.

On other flank neither side had suffcient Pips to engage.The decisive battle in the centre saw losses mounting to and fro onboth sides with a one point a despondant Macedonian declaring 'GameOver Man Game over !!" as he thought losses had broken his large cmd however a quick recheck found 'only' disheartened as several lostelements were from adjoining Cmd.............The Peltasts had suffered early losses but managed to flank the edgeof warband block and killed several (including two attacks on rearedges (this is nice change from DBM wherein the defender does notautomatically turn to face).

Eventually the main Galatiam cmd accumulated 19 Wb destroyed enough tobreak the cmd (55ME) and end the game.

Toting up it worked out as a 16 to 9 win for Alexanders lot.

Key points/issues from game were :Xyston 15mm figs are GIANTS !!! the Companions looked like they wereon steroids :-) they are 20mm figs ImhoPikes 4-deep can just about stand up to Warband in Dbmm theirmain 'weakness' being the loss of 2 stands in a QK (which leaves alonely 2 stds for next combat)

Elephants are VERY good with so many QKs in their own and enemy bounds.

The Companion wedges are rather niffty with never counting overlapped.

Dbmm deployment,terrain placement are an improvement over Dbm.

The Mbyb stuff and gradings give many subtle nuances to combat (butboy are they hard to keep track of !!)

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