Friday, May 18, 2007

Another day another DBMM game

Another DBMM game vs George using POlybian Roman vs his Commagene

I used list post 202BC with the Reg SGs and an Iberian Ally (AxS)
I had one large Cmd with CiC and 12 Legion/6 Velites/3 Triarii with support from couple of Cretans and 2 Spainsh AxS, one SH had 8 Legion/4 Velites/2 Triarii backed by more Cretans. The other SG commanded 4 Cavalry and one Tarentine Lh. The Cic took centre stage baxcked on his left by other foot Cmd and on his right by Iberians. The Cav Cmd was placed behind Cics right (ie hiding from KnX !)

George had 3 Cmds with Central massive Cmd of Pikes with massed Bow I on flank of Phalanx lined with PsI and supported by couple of Aux and LhO. Both SG Cmds (on flanks) had 4 Cataphracts plus 6 LhF Skythians.

Not must terrain placed other than I (as Invader) placed a large DH on my left with Orchard to anchor flank. Another DH placed by George was on my rear right with a GH. A RF ended up on Georges base edge.

Weather was in my favour with a strong wind reducing Bow range by 80p (this never changed)
Not much subtlety in moves to come to contact as both centre plodded forward engaging in indecisive Psiloi skimishing (my Velites failing to gain upper hand vs I opponents) On wings the Skythians engaged my Ps and Iberians. Both sides took losses in Light Troops.
I moved some Blade on my left against Bow to find myself losing an element and others being recoiled. On same flank the Skythians managed to kill some Velites (2nd rank factor helped). This Cmd was soon disheartened. On my right things were fairly even with my Cav Cmd moving in support of Iberians to drive off the Skythians. In Centre some Velites managed to kill a Pike (due to not counting rear ranks vs Ps) and when blade got into contact they killed 2 more Pike, however they also lost a blade to shooting.
By this time my left flank Cmd was broken and then shattered (ie flank collapsed) and I could gain no advantage elsewhere (George Bows consistantly threw 6s for both shooting and melee !!
Time ran out on us and we called an end with me losing 25-2 as I had not managed to dishearten any Cmds

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