Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dbmm 9th May 2007

Game tonight vs George

My Central Asian Turks vs Feudal French

I used Turk with Ummayyad Arab allies (circa 737AD) vs Feudal French (post 1150AD).

I had 4 Cmds . French had 3 large Cmds.

Terrain was open in middle with couple of low hills a river on my left (placed by George) and 2 large woods. I was invader on clear bright morning. I deployed my Arabs front and centre with two Turks Cmds on flanks of Arab Spears, a 4th small Lh Cmd outflanked on right. A mass of spear and bow was in French centre with on my left a Cmd of BdF/Bw/Sp and on my right a large mass of Knight (of Superior type).

After initial French advance my Arabs of course promptly went unreliable and just as promptly my outflank declared their arrival (not much suspense there !). GeoI advanced on either side of the reluctant Arabs. Awful Pips and mistakenly counting the CVs as Impt saw my Turks disjointedly engage the French Knights and some Psiloi. Then the Knights piled in and my losses started (Bows also caused some Lh kills) Good Pips by George saw him able to respond to my flankers in good order. I did manage to hit A general in the rear but no KO ! (bugger) and impetuous charge on other flank by another French Gen saw him die ! (huzza) however the Knights began to mince my Nobles and dishearten then break my Cic cmd. Losses to the French Spear/Bow saw them dishearten also. But dispite the intervention of the roused Arabs (Impt enemy awakened their martial ardour) my losses mounted faster than French. We had to call time and it turned out a 14 to 11 win for French. Despite a few mistakes with rules (counting my CvS as Impt main gaffe) it was a fun and intense game

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