Wednesday, May 16, 2007


DBMM solo 400pt (test an army) game using Maurikian Byzantine vs Central Asian Turkish

Used same Turk army as that defeated by Feudal French, with Ummayyad Arab Ally and outflanking Horse Archer Cmd the Byzantines had 4 Cmds with Reg Bagg(Pip dump Cmd) with a Nomad (Lh) Ally Cmd.

Byzantines used a BUA to protect baggage, but their compulsory road failed to appear. Only terrain of not was a 1FE wood which split the Turk deployment area in two. This caused the isolation of one Turk cmd (CICs).

Both allies were reliable. The Ummayyad spears used the wood to anchor their flank and the Lt Cav cmd outflanked on Turk left. The Byz Skutatoi deployed opposite the Ummyyads with Cics Cav heavy force on Right the other Cmd and Nomads were on left (effectively 2 cmds vs the Turk CIC). Initial marches brought repective LH into charge ranges and kudos were intially even. Poor Pips by Turk CIC saw his CvS/O hit by Byz CvS/LhS/KnF and suffering losses. The Nomads moved onto flanks of Turk LhS and the CIC was soon disheartened. The Cavlary battle on right was fairly even with the Byz becoming aware of impending arrival of outflanking Cmd. The Skuatoi charged into the Arab spears and lost 2 stands. Following turn the Turk CIC broke and the Turk Cav cmd also became disheartened. The arrival of the outflanking Lh helped very little as Byz Sg had managed to move himself and other Cv toward the threat (good Pips and niffty column moves helped) Arab Asiwira aided the wavering Turks and the Byzs saw one of their Cmds become disheartened. Things were in balance until a couple of key melees saw the Turks lose another Cmd and end the game. Worked out at a 21-4 win for Byzantines.

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