Thursday, May 31, 2007

DBMM Polybian Roman vs Selecuid

Another DBMM game today with Stephen :

I used 400pt Polybian Romans (post 210BC) with 2 Cmds ofLegions/Velites/Tirarii with a few Cretan bowmen. A 3rd Roman Cmd comprised the Cav (4 elements plus a Sub Gen and 1 LH) and 4th Cmd was Iberian Ally with (iAXs and iPsS). I took no baggage
They faced a Selecuid host of 3 Cmds and an Aitolian Ally. Antichous was present as a Bril Gen (never used his er Brilliance at all!) with several KnF wedges. 1 main Cmd was massed Pikes (A mix of PkS and PkO) backed up by AxS and 2 ElS. The other was KnX with CvO in support and couple of LhF.
The Aitolians were Ps and Lh.

Rome invaded and terrain comprised a small E on my right a RF on my left and on Selc side a large (2FE) GH and a (1FE) SH.
placed my Cav Cmd off-table as delayed Cmd, the Ibrians on my right and the 2 main Cmds in Centre/Left. Selcs had Pike to centre with line of KnX/CvO. Cic with KnF was to rear of Pike and the Aitolians were placed as Concealed Cmd behind the large GH (but they moved on their first turn so no real surprise).
Pikes rumbled forward and killed my 4 PsS Caetratii in one fell swoop :-(
The KnX engaged my Velites causing some losses.
The KnF moved towards the open flank of my Iberians but luckily my Delayed Cmd appeared and I moved them to counter the Agema threat...
My turn saw my Velites gloriously kill both Elephants and Iberians AxS QKd a couple of Pike. always...........the Pike then preceedeed to roll over my Iberians causing them to break.
The KnX got in amongst my Legions and QKd several.
On my turn I could not inflict further significant losses on Pike and Legions could only recoil a couple of KnX.
So.........on next Selc turn the KnX trounced several Legionaries and Triari breaking my largest CiCs Cmd and the Army.

Lessons : Polybian Roman has a hard time vs Selecuid as the KnF, KnX, and ElQK just about everything in Roman OOB.
Also whilst Bd can QK Pk itis damn hard to achieve due to high Pike factors.
Delayed Cmd was nice option as it arrives on 5 or 6 and was able tobeing thrown in vs threat also Stephen my opponnent believed this Cmd was on a flank march so was leaving units and using Pips to counter this.

Main lesson.....I need to roll higher dice :-)
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