Friday, May 18, 2007

TripleA......Another day, another game, another defeat............

Dbmm 400pt game with Stephen today

My Avars vs Carolingians (a good historical match-up).

I used 4 Cmds with a CIC in cmd of 8 rCvS and 2 rLhS a SG with 5 rCvS and 2 rLhS the 3rd Avar SG had 2 rCvS and 6 rLhS (he was set to outflank) the 4th Cmd was a Bulgar Ally with 2 iCvS 4 iLhS 4 iAxO 7 2 iPsO. 6 ARmy baggage completed ensemble.

The Franks fielded 4 (on table Cmds) with 3 Reg General and a Breton Ally. Bulk of troops were KnF supported by a few CvO some SpI and BwI with couple of PsO.

Franks were invaders meaning very little in way of terrain to chose from, 2 large GHs were plonked on Franks table edge with large boggy area in centre. My side of table had a couple of smallish boggy areas. Weather turned out to be mud in spring.

Franks deployed first moved first and with 5 and 6 on Pips they were able to march right into 'face' of my Cic cmd on my left (SG was outflanking on this side). On my turn the Bulgars went unreliable (nice of them) and little I could do march wise as Frank right up upon my deployed troops. I charged into the Knights with CvS and my CIC. I managed to win 7 combats killing 4 knights (yee hah) but on Frank turn I lost 3 elements to QKs. This meant oppossing Cmds were tettering and indeed both broke in following turn. No sign of outflankers though..........I did manage to kill a few more Kn in other Cmds getting close to breaking another Cmd. This was high point of my enterprise as loss of my CIC and biggest cmd combined with non-appearence of flankers and non-participation of Bulgars left me with 1 Cmd to do battle with. They lasted another couple of turns but could not inflict enough losses on Franks to turn things around and of course (predictably) on the turn the flanking Cmd arrived they broke endeing the game (16-9 loss)

A fun and exciting game fighting KnF which are vulnerable to Cvs if charged but are nasty on their turn with QK vs Cav. The Bulgars being unreliable (I had no opportunity to expend 3 pips to force their hand) combined with belated appearence of flankers was ultimately my downfall. Hindsight suggests the flanking group would have been better deployed on table (at least in part). But its a risk you take.....................

Knights right in my face on turn 1 !!

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