Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dbmm 400pt Sassanid vs Sui Chinese

Sassanid Persian (moi) vs Sui Chinese (Stephen) Dbmm 400 pt game today

Interesting terrain set-up (Sui invaded) saw a large marsh area in centre of Chinese deployment zone. I deployed first in basic linear fashion. Chinese then deployed with all of their troops on one side of marsh. This left bulk of my Clibinarii and Elephants (4 elements) facing thin air and a single Cmd to face the Chinese onslaught. Irr CvS showed their manovering Ineptness (not helped by poor Pips) taking ages to drift to flank.

Thankfully my LhF Vassals managed to kill some opossing LhF and then hold for a few turns. Chinese Cataphracts however overran my CvO/S and broke my left flank. My Centre and Elephant Cmd were (slowly) redeploying but the Elephants suffered 2 losses to Artillery (oouch) before one behemoth managed to kill some BwX. Persian losses were mounting and things looked bleak. However my Arab Nomad ally had moved forward and engaged the enemy Baggage in their TF. Several turns of recoils then 2 Spent LH were followed by the Nomad General breaking into the baggage camp with another element breaking the enemy Army Baggage and putting pressure on all his Cmds. But.........isnt there this time the Chinese had managed to flank my other Cmds and the Cataphracts killed a couple of Cvs and another Elephant succumbed to enemy Psiloi. Then to seal the deal one of my Sub Generals was flanked and quick-killed by a cataphract so breaking another Cmd and ending the game (17-9)

Another enjoyable game with a lot less problems encountered in rules (other than couple of mistakes we made ref Pips) as always were totally forgot about Pressing Forward rules !!

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