Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dbmm 400pts Khazar vs Early Byzantine

Dbmm at Stephens 4th Oct 07

Another (!!) Dbmm game with my Khazars having another outing this time vs Early Byzantines.
I had 3 Irr Cmds using basis of CvS (was tempted by the KnF option) backed by Lh F with LhS and 3 KnF several hordes and a few Slav AxO/PsO and again my newly painted Guard.
Byzantines had 4 Reg Cmds and Pip dump of BgF.
Another really good and close game which could have gone either way in the end hingeing on my right flank Cmd getting anything but 1 on Pip dice (of course 1 is exactly what they got) and then a Lh vs rear of enemy Cvs Gen which I failed to Win !!! this then lead to right flank breaking and game ending but I did at least shatter the Byz CICs large Cmd.

Bit of a brain-barf between us regarding Broken vs Shattered (we had forgotten the claraification) status (so much to remember each game).
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