Friday, October 12, 2007

DBMM 400pts Polybian Roman vs Carthaginian

Game today with Stephen using my Romans vs his Punic bunch

I defended with DH on my left and a fortuitous river om my right (DH to Punic rear only other feature)

I had large cmd of Blade (16 elements) with PsS, SpS and 4 Iberian AxS in centre with AG on right with 4 Bd 2 Sp 2 PsS 2 PsO. The left flank (on the DH) was held by Iberian Ally. My Cic with 4 CvO was in reserve. No baggage used. I allocated highest die to CIC and lower to SG.

Punics had 3 Elephants interspersed with WbO with several Reg AxS, SpS and numerous Numidian PsS AxI and LhO and about 10 CvO. My narrow frontage and presecence of river/DH thankfully stopped his LH from worrying my flanks.
Main attack came from the Wb/El combo in centre.

I put my Cic & Cv in behind my blade and velites with ful intention of pushing them thru to counter the El/WB but suffering a brain barf i neglected to do this instead sticking my velites into close combat with blade close behind (usual unhelpful minimum Pips not aiding my decisions).

My Iberian allies fought well on flank holding up the Rg Ax/Sp and some Cav and my Roman AG was also successful in thwarting Punic Cv/Lh on my right.
Crunch in centre saw my Velites recoil behind the blade who then were charged by Wb/El and suffered several QKs, on my following turn I only managed a couple of QKs on WB.

Next turn saw the Punic shock troops break my main Cmd (32ME) and leave them only 3 ME from routing my Army.

A lucky Pip roll allowed me to keep the broken Cmd in situ and low and behold my broken troops offered stout resistance (ie winning several die rolls !!). However it was a transitory 'victory' as then soon succumbed which of itself was not too bad (as already counting lost) but on my right the game was decided by 3 Punic CvO vs 3 BdO as two Cv recoiled but the third doubled opposing Bd which combined with loss of 2ME earlier from Iberian Cmd routed my Army.

Despite its one-sided nature this was still an enjoyable game and I kick myself for not following my plan to engage the Wb/El with my CvO which may have course made no difference given my penchant for losing key die rolls :-)

The Roman Cav watching inital stages of destruction of their comrades.......................................

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