Monday, November 05, 2007

400pt DBMM Maurikian Byzantine vs Abbasid Arab

400pt game at Stephens using Maurikian Byzantine vs Abbasid Arabs

I used 3 Reg Cmds with a small Nomad Ally
CiCs Cmd had Cic plus 2 CvS Bukellaroi, 2 LhS 3 KnF Optimates and 2 Kavallorii double-based 'blocks'
One Sg had 4 Kavallori blocks & 4 LhS
Other Sg had 2 LhS 7 BdI backed by 7 PsO and 3 PsS
The Nomad commanded 5 LhO
a Baggage Cmd (Pip dump) of 6 Reg Bg F completed the 73 ME army

The Arabs comprised a train cmd (Pip dump) of 3 ArtI and 1 ArtS behind a wall of TF
3 other Cmds with Reg gens comprised IrrCvS some Reg CvS several LhO, SpI, SpO some PsO and 4 BwO with several Hd and 2 Bagg per Cmd.

Byzantines invaded and terrain was almost exclusively on Arab half with only a marsh on my rear edge. 3 GHs (1 on my left and one centrally) with a Bua and Orchard and a large SF all aided the Arabs. I had chosen a 1FE SF myself but it was unable to be placed.

The Arabs planted the Arty park on the central GH with TF in front (making it a virtually impregnable fort (Arty factors +3 for TF +1 Uphill +1 Train uphill !!). His Bow and Ps were in the SF flanked by Spear (partially also behind TF) and CvS. His right was as Cmd of LhO and to his left his Cic with 8 Irr CvS.
I deployed second and lined my Bd on my right angled at 45deg my other Sg lined up vs the SF with Cic to his left and my Ally to extreme left vs the enemy Lh.

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