Friday, April 25, 2008

FOG 800pts Early Bulgar vs Abbasid Arab

FOG game with Stephen
My Early Bulgars vs Abbasids
Game essentially hinged on my charging 4 BGs of Lancers into 3 units of Defensive Spear MF and losing awfully. Lancers not potent at all vs such foot as they lose Lance vs steady Spear who also get +POA for being steady. So Lancers who need to win Impact are at disadvantage only becoming equal in Melee.
Much different interaction than in DBMM wherein KnF can 'take on' SpO/I more readily. FOG much like 7th Ed
Still fun game with lots of action. Again the rules proved their strength of writing as all queries easily answered in rulebook (once you find relevant rule).
Still think Dbmm has more depth but at cost of more complication....................

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