Friday, June 19, 2009

DBMM 400pt Galatian vs Buyid

400 Dbmm game today using a scratched together Galatian (post 227bc) vs Stephen Buyids

With Agg 1 I defended and in later Galatian period there is rather paltry selection of terrain (Hills and RFs mainly).

Interesting game with my massed (64 elements) of WbO advancing in middle as Stephen moved to my flanks (he had an outflanking Bedouin LH Cmd that failed to appear).

Low Pips with my Wb saw the bulk of the Cmd proceed inpetuously to enemy table edge and sit there ! as no opponnents and no Pips to turn them.

Heavier Buyid CvS overcame my right flank Cv/Lch Cmd whereas on other flank my identical Mtd cmd eventually broke the oppossing Buyids (loss of BwO hurt).

Several rules issues (first in awhile) ref EMLTUs Marching into Contact and Flee, but thats what practice games are for......................

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