Wednesday, April 07, 2010

DBMM Khazar vs T'Ang

400pt Dbmm game using latest draft (dated 6th April) versus Stephen using my Khazars again against his T'Ang. Game pretty much decided at deployment with T'Ang placing a large wooded hill in centre and Khazars having to deploy first. Poor Pips by Khazars made a bad situation worse and their left flank of KnF collapsed under a mass of ArtO and BxX firing and were outflanked and broken. CIC Command never got above 3 Pips until last turn. Right flank Cmd had decent Pips but a long way to go to change flanks. 25-0.

Large hill in centre
Khazar right flank
Khazar left
T'Ang BwX advance
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