Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DBMM v2 Sassanid vs Alan

Dbmm game today versus Stephen (for a wee change) using Sassanid Persian circa 400AD-ish against his Alans.
Good game with massed Alan LhS flooding the wings.
Stephen had great Pip rolls (22 on one turn followed by 20 next !!) meaning he never went Impetuous where he didnt want to and could manouvre really well.
Persians however seldom beat 10 on 4 dice the whole game !
Sabir ally folded quickly allowing LhS onto my Cataphracts who followed soon after................
A 23-2 (I think defeat)
Poor pics as only a mobile phone (forgot camera)

Initial turn Persians on right.
Persian central command with Elephants
Alan light horse on the move
Initial turn again
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