Friday, July 08, 2011

Blitzkrieg Commander II

Played a game of Blitzkrieg Commander II today at Stephens using his very nice but under-used 10mm kit (I have lots of 10mm Infantry but very few AFVs as I find them very hit or miss in quality/accurracy). We played a 1944 British versus German game using the Counterattack scenario with average Brits (Stephen) as attackers with 3000pts against fanatical Hitler Jugend (yours truly) with 2000pts. In addition to 'blooding' the toys we both have had BKCII since publication but not actually played a game (I have played original  set once or twice) !! Found them to be a very enjoyable set to use with straight forward systems. Use of Commanders and Formation Activation to our liking as it has that chaos/unpredictability factor we both enjoy in our games.
Overall a sort of WWII-lite but very playable.
Only downsides we found are lack of target priority/proximity rules which can lead to odd situations (with maybe several units concentrating fire on one to try to achieve a knock-out whilst other closer/more 'logical' threats are disregarded) and the costing (in points) of Bazookas/PzShks and PzFausts (a stand of HJ Inf costs 65pts and an upgrade to include a PzFaust costs an extra 65pts  per stand !!!) we fielded some 24 Inf units between us and only one stand paid for a PzShk (No Piats or PzFst) which tells its own story.
Still a very enjoyable game with Brit artillery being very effective (mainly by suppressing 2 of my HQs ie no orders able to be issued for several turns) and my 3 Panthers whilst individually potent being overwhelmed one by one by massed firing of some 14 Brit tanks (including 3 Fireflys) as well as being annoyed by roving Typhoon (which I managed to abort a couple of time but couldn't knock it down).
We are definitely going to use these rules again.

HJ left flank with Panther support in center

Brit left with Churchills

Pak40 plus PzGrenadiers in a wood (initial misunderstanding of LOS/Concealment rules has them visible instead of hidden)

HJ PzGrenadier Battalion enters cornfield

The Panther Battalion with Flak support (which was very busy !)

HJ PzGrenadier Battalion in wood

Sherman Squadron makes a belated appearance after losing a Sherman to Command Blunder whilst still off-table 

Brit Infantry Battalion with an FOO and an FAC in tow
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