Thursday, July 14, 2011

FOG Renaissance Polish vs Early German Catholic

Played another excellent game today using my German Catholics against Stephen's Polish (with some very nicely repainted Winged Hussars). A real bloodbath of a game with numerous units destroyed between us including all the Polish foot and most of my Cuirassier. I tried a flank march with 2 units of Reitiers which took way too long to arrive and then 1 unit straggled lost off table !
Lots of action throughout game (just the way I like it).
Nice to get a game in between mega long shifts and a trip to England  

German set up

Polish set up

Cuirassier on German right

Polish Hyduk infantry

Polish right (target of my late arriving flank move)

Polish initial move

Late Tercios in German center

Cuirassier await the Winged Hussars

Winged Hussars 

Tercios advance

Polish Artillery ahead of German Mercanries

German artillery on left (never fired a shot but dominated the flank)

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