Saturday, February 18, 2012

DBMM Polybian Roman versus Han Chinese

DBMM game today at mine against Stephen. Couple of contemporary (if not strictly historical) armies used with my Romans against his Han Chinese. Great game with nice ebb and flow and usual up and downs in dice rolls for us both. Roman Cavalry command on my left wing however broke before Legionaries could bring things to a conclusion in center and on my right mainly due to some judicious (or as I termed it "downright cowardly") retirements by the Han auxilia types and usual annoyance by artillery and bows.
Two nice armies these.

Initial moves

Han left wing

Roman battlelines
Han arrayed
Centers square up

Roman right wing

Roman Cavalry deploy against oncoming Light Horse

Legionaries move to support Cavalry

 Han redeploying (ie running away like cowardly girly girls)

Romans taunting girly girls as they run off

Things getting hectic (note more girly girl running away at top right near the dice)

Cavalry up against it with Light Horse and encroaching Bowmen

Toe to toe in center

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