Thursday, February 09, 2012

Prussia's Defiant Stand board game arrives.......and new Maurice preview version available.....

Prussia's Defiant Stand board wargame arrived (via the as ever excellent service from Boardgame Guru) and very nice it looks too. A block type game with cards as well. Had to spend a wee while placing the unit stickers on the little wooden blocks. Now to read the rules and give it a run through does not look to involved or difficult at first blush.

Had ordered 'No Peace Without Spain' but source let me down and I cannot find it in stock elsewhere in UK but on look out for it as a further acquisition. Mate Stephen also on a boardgame kick having bought 'Price Of Freedom' an American Civil War game from same company which we hope to try in due course.

Also new preview edition of Maurice rules from Sam Mustafa available ( ) which I have downloaded but not read through yet to see what changes there are. Basic card set has changed I note and I believe this version has more from the full set. Publication due in Spring and I look forward to it.
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