Monday, July 23, 2012

Normandy 44 another new game on table

Another of my latest acquisitions on table 'Normandy 44' from GMT games.
Managed to get this second hand from EBay but virtually brand new (counters un-punched and with updated counters in little baggie) which was rather nice.
A more typical 'hex and counter' type game with no cards/zones/point-2-point or suchlike.
Looks a nice game with bit more meat to the tactical side of things (really an Operational scale) than the grand strategic games I have been playing of late.
Nice artwork and whilst rules run to 24 pages they seem fairly straight forward.
Running through the Extended Example from rules to get a feel for the mechanics.

This wargaming addiction continues unabated despite having no opportunity to get some lead on table as Stephens and my shifts incompatible last few weeks :-)

Overview of 6th June set-up

Cotentin with Utah and Omaha beaches

Gold Juno and Sword beaches and Caen

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