Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wilderness War Vassal game up and running

Norman and myself now just about into first turn of our Vassal (one of best inventions since the wheel) game of Wilderness War. Since I have not managed to play a full game either face to face or even solo am finding rules Referencing is constant and literally no idea what strategy to adopt. Thankfully same applies to Norman so it a case of blind leading blind here. Am sure we will make initial mistakes but will 'straighten up and fly right' as we progress he types more in hope than expectation................

Situation along Hudson with French massing at Ticonderonga with Montcalm in charge but I managed to exchange him with Villers (up north of Lake Ontario) using an event card 'Governor Vaudreuil Interferes'

Further East all quiet so far but awaiting raids from those pesky Injuns at some point 

Looking forward to our first actual encounter.........................

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