Monday, January 14, 2013

Allemagne 1813 (for those that asked to see it)

Managed to get this one laid out on table (well actually in my newly acquired Ikea poster frame and then on table) for some super model posing but no time to actually play.
But thought I would put pics up (note some are arty farty again) as several chaps had expressed great interest in this game. Components are quite nice especially the counters which all have individual illustrations on them for each Corps and Leader.
The map is tad cluttered to my eyes but the amount of spaces of course leads to plenty of options for campaigning and operations.
Brief shufty through the rules book and looks to be decent playable system with a few quirks such as tactical and event cards.
Hope to get a go with it sometime (I recall saying this about several games !!)
Of course the miniatures man within me is screaming 'Campaign' map !!

Anyway for now the photo shoot................

Overview of game and charts

The map in Glory of Greenness

Close ups (or money shots) but justice not done to counters (double click for larger versions)

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