Friday, January 04, 2013

Combat Commander: Europe a second outing

Had another go with extremely entertaining game with Mon Pere tonight.
We replayed the second scenario and then the third.
Father figure was Germans both times.
First game I lost as Yanks due to Time Events coming thick and fast and a Sudden Death roll before I could get to the vital victory hex.
US artillery very much a double edged sword in the restricted Bocage causing as much damage to own side with undershorts as to the enemy !
I got two Reinforcement rolls gaining a Line unit and a good Leader.
I made much better use of Commanders for group activations n this game both or firing and movement.
Great stuff
Second game I defended behind wire with Ivan Militia (good firepower but low range).
Advancing Germans did some fearful damage with an MG42 Hmg and +2 Leader but lost couple of squads in rash melees (all or nothing affairs in CC).
Time also caught up on Huns with again first Sudden Death roll ending game in Russian favour. Lots of events in this one with a Sniper event breaking one of my Squads who were promptly executed by a Commisar event !
Russians use of Concealment actions saved them several times.
Another excellent game.
Again I got so caught up in the action I forgot to take more tan a couple of pics !!
CC Mediterranean now on order as I want to see Brits in action in this excellent system.

Americans advancing on German flank in Normandy

Germans stymied in Russian wire
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