Sunday, January 13, 2013

Couple new games arrive or arriving........and Infamy

A couple of new games arrived at Steiners Bunker but sadly absolutely no time to spend with them so far due to ongoing duty commitments.
Hope to get a look at them later all being well.

Jours-De-Gloire Campagne IV: Allemagne 1813 de Lutzen a Leipzig
Bit of a mouth full but a game from French (really !?) company Hexasim, publishers of Vae Victis magazine.
This is a boxed game covering 1813 campaign from battles of Lutzen to Leipzig (again really !?) an extension apparently of several magazine type games using this Days of Glory system.
My first game from Hexasim (I also like look of their Liberty Roads WWII game).
First blush (all I have time for) is very nice counters decent point to point map and nice but flimsy cards.
Rule book not too thick and nicely presented and thankfully in English despite my obvious command of French :-)
A period I am very interested in (my Prussian miniatures based around the 1813/14 period).
I got this one of a chap in Scotland via BGG and its in mint condition.

Next up Combat Commander: Mediterranean as promised (to myself anyhow).
Cunningly it looks to be more of same as Europe version (indeed I believe it's essentially the 'second half' of initial system release).
Lots of counters to punch and clip (neighbours must think I have toughest toenails in Christendom !!) several new maps and card decks.
Includes British French and Italians with the latter two also doubling for various Allied and Axis 'minor' nations.
This one I got new from Hexasim site as the Euro cost including postage was several pounds cheaper than UK supplier costs.
I confess I was as site looking at Liberty Roads and got pleasantly waylaid.........
I also found myself clipping a few counters a 0200hrs after finishing a shift !!

Also inbound from US0fA I have Fast Action Battles: The Bulge a GMT block and area style game I have had a hankering for ((there must be some form of medication to subdue this !?) but which has been out of stock in UK

Of course none of this helps reduce my lead mountain (cardboard mountain fast gaining height) but what the hell eh !!!???

"Infamy, infamy they've all got it in for me"

And so on a related note my notoriety has scaled new heights with one of my Blog entries re Combat Commander: Europe being linked/referenced (or maybe it was a warning against ?) by none other than than C3i OPs site (in house magazine site of GMT run by Rodger B MacGowan an artist whose box art adorns so many of my games).
Have not seen the huge royalties cheque as yet but doubtless it is in the post :-) and specifically refer.

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