Saturday, January 19, 2013

DBMM Galatian vs Selecuid

Played another Dbmm game today against Stephen to give him another practice game for next weekends Munster Competition (which I am getting really miffed I cannot attend due to ongoing work issues !).
I decided to use Galatians (ie glutton for punishment) despite knowing they are up against it with the Selecuids having KnF wedges and KnX troop type to which the Celts have no real answer.
I ended up as Invader (quite becoming the Galatians) and we generated quite a lot of terrain mostly on my side.
Thankfully the Greeks set up first so I had a bit of leeway in deployment.
I had two commands with mainly Warband a command with Cv, CvI and some CvO Chariots, an Ally Thessalian (of which more later) completed my lot.
Wont detail Stephens in case enemy spies read this prior to next Saturday. Suffice to say no surprises.
As ever with Warband army it was a straightforward (in all meanings of word) advance to contact (or 'just as Mr Barker intended' as its known).
Psiloi held my Warbands up for a turn whilst enemy mounted got ready to charge. I pre-empted the Cataphract strike by charging with my Chariots and Cavalry but the outcome was predictable and my Cavalry command was soon shaken.
The Companion wedges then hit home and over course of couple of turns decimated my central warband command. Meanwhile..............over on my right my Thessalian allies had decided to be Unreliable (paid off by Greek gold !?) and refused to activate.
When my mounted command succumbed this then led to their bloody well changing side and charging erstwhile allies !! damn traitors.
This sort of stuff of course is why we like Dbmm and we just realised today that we have been playing this system for almost 6 years !!! my goodness how time flies.
I had decent Pip dice rolls today but combat rolls were usual awful standard.
A quick but enjoyable game.
Those KnF Wedges are very potent as the not counting overlaps is rather awesome.
Good luck to Stephen for Munster (some other sod will have to take pics and do a report this year).

Galatians deployed (traitors at bottom)

Selecuids arrayed

Selecuid view of Galatian lines

Traitorous sods

Galatian view of Greek lines

About to clash

About to die

Traitors spring into action attacking 'allies' in the rear......ouch

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