Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all who peruse my ramblings, hope 2013 is a great year for everyone both in gaming terms and regarding that boring real life nonsense.

I have been reading several other wargamer's 2012 'round ups/retrospectives' but for myself I will only say 'Read This Blog !!' :-)
However must note the up crease this year in 'followers' which is actually rather nice to have achieved ' cult status'.

As to New Years resolutions again not something I do but I suppose I ought to try:

1. Paint more (ie actually some !) figures to reduce lead mountain to Everest size
Ha ha ha

2. Not add to lead mountain
Ha ha ha ha

3. At least try to use at least once all those rulesets bought last year
Ha ha ha ha

4. Do not buy any more rules until 3 fulfilled
Ha ha ha bloody ha

5. Try to play all those board Wargames obtained last year
Ha ha ha ha

6. Do not buy any more board Wargames until 5 fulfilled
Ha ha ha bloody ha ha ha

7. Spend less time on Wargame websites, blogs, forums, googles, etc etc etc
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

8. If all the above are even partially fulfilled (ha ha ha ha) then book appointment with Doctor re sunlight deprivation, paint inhalation, finger cramp, back ache, and dice hating syndrome (also for physical injuries sustained from 'better half' !!)

Oh and one more I almost forgot
Find out who that b*****d 'Anonymous' is that keeps spamming the blog (I have been using post Moderation of late - which is much better than that annoying Numbers and Words thingy but still moderately (groan) annoying) and once I do ' chastise 'the sod

Now you see why I resist doing resolutions...........

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