Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wilderness War Vassal defeat............

Just finished Vassal game of Wilderness War with Norman and my British suffered a rather crushing defeat at hands of Norman's French with their Indian lackeys.
Good game this with lots of decision points and two protagonists that appear similar but are actually somewhat diverse in aims and makeup.
British have stronger Regular forces but the terrain inland prohibits effective use of these chaps.
French commanders on the whole are just that bit better (ie easier to activate) than bulk of British counterparts and this can be key to effective campaigning and use of resources.
French have a lot of Indian tribes as allies and as such they can mount a lot of troublesome raids into British territory (Norman was unlucky with initial raids) meaning Kings men need to build plentiful Stockades and Forts (these are additionally key to mounting any meaningful campaigns into the hinterland as they secure and offer supply lines).
Loss of General Johnston early in war was bit of a disaster for Brits as he is really only conduit to use Indian tribes friendly to the Crown.
I did send Wolfe on a venture towards Quebec but failed to get enough reserves to him to mount an attack against Montcalm (cards with high enough value and a Naval symbol are required which I failed to draw often enough).
With a couple of victories in field battles and raids Norman accumulated enough Victory Points in a couple of turns to make it difficult for me to thwart him especially with poor card draws.
Fun stuff and I think this would be a very good game for a real time or face to face encounter.

Final positions at end of scenario

Wolfe on approaches to Quebec awaiting reserve force from Louisbourg that never arrived............

The Victory Point track in all its horror

Still have Pbem game of Paths Of Glory ongoing and am hoping Norman up for another venture onto Vassal with any game he cares to select (To the Victor the Spoils)
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