Saturday, February 26, 2011

DBMM Galatian versus Carthaginian

Played another Dbmm game last night against arch nemesis Stephen, he used another version of Carthaginian with four Elephants lots of Numidian Light Horse and hordes of Auxilia Superior (six Spear languished at rear) and some Cavalry. I used Galatian (intend to use these or Gauls at Celtic Cup here in Belfast in May) this time trying almost minimum Warband S (34) with usual Cavalry/Light Chariots and a Greek ally (one CvI AG 2 LhO & 16 PsS). I deployed with Allies in centre (hoping to catch the elephants) and Cavalry on right wing. I took risk on my left deploying Cic with only a couple of lowly CvI to protect flank and 22 WbS arraying at angle to 'sweep' towards centre. Punics set-up first and went first with standard LhO on both wings. Early disaster for Celts with Cic throwing a 1 and the Greeks also a 1 !! sodding effeminate degenerates thereafter sat out game until changing sides at the end !! particularly annoying as I spent a couple of hours re-basing to generate required 16 Psiloi S.
Consistent low Pip throws by Cic meant I was unable to move against onrushing Numidians and the CvI with 2 PsI proved a mere speed bump. They were also able to avoid coming close to Greeks (so as not to activate same) and eventually swarmed my flank. On my right my Cavalry & Chariots battled uphill against more Numidians and AxS with neither side gaining much. In centre my other Warband command  (18 WbS 4 CvI 4 PsI) gamely advanced contacting a line of AxS supported by 2 Elephants (I had 2 chances to QK an Elephant including one roll at 2 each) but failed !! The AxS vs WbS is a push and shove affair as the S grade saves both more times than enough. My CvI in centre had to advance to support flank of Warband (due to inactivity of perfidious Greeks) and were engaged by Elephants and wiped out. This command broke then shattered and with its loss the Greeks changed sides breaking the Army overall. A 22-3 result to Punics but a great game as ever with drama of feckless allies adding to fun.

Wargamers note: Game went on into wee small hours (0100) due to us spending a few minutes discussing armies and ohhing and ahhing at some new GHQ PzIII/IVs Stephen had just painted up for Afrika Korps and Spearhead. We nominally started upon my arrival at 1900hrs but not a single figure placed on table until 2100hrs !! Its really is a sad disease :-)

iPhone pics

Armies at deployment (unreliable sods visible in centre)

Celt mounted arm on right

Central warband 

Main warband on left a high risk deployment

And so it proved.......................................

Mounted wings about to clash on hill

Warband S vs Auxilia S

Carthaginian central commands
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