Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DBMM Polybian Roman versus Han Chinese

Played another Dbmm using the Romans again against Stephens Han Chinese (sort of contemporary opponents) as he wanted to try them with a view to using in Celtic Cup in May. Terrain fell quite good for Romans again but had to deploy first. Both armies being regular had several turns of manoeuvres before clashing anywhere. Sadly for Rome my 'only throw ones' syndrome struck on initial shooting/combats and 7 (!!!!) elements of AxS and Ps succumbed. From then on it was usual game of catch-up but a large Roman command broke and then shattered leaving gaping hole that could never be filled and Han were victorious at little cost to themselves.

Initial deployments

Han right flank Auxilia and Artillery

Roman centre and left

Roman right anchored on rough hill

Roman overview

Han Cavalry behind Allied Hsiung Nu 

Roman right facing Hsiung Nu

Han light horse tries to flank

Roman cavalry on left 
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