Saturday, February 12, 2011

DBMM Punic War

Played game last night using my Polybian Romans versus Hugh (only his second game of Dbmm) and his Carthaginians. Very good game with lots of activity and events (I do so love this about Dbmm) including a successful (for once !) outflank by my Allied Cavalry Cmd (SG plus 4 rCvI) which sacked enemy camp entirely. I fielded 1 ArtO primarily to show Hugh just how annoying these things are as I knew he would field Elephants. Setting up second I was able to line the artillery up against 2 oncoming elephants and did kill one after a lot of shots. Hugh understood potential of these sods. Main struggle was in middle between a vineyard and wood (terrain fell quite kindly for me) with my Legionaries and Extraordinary doing sterling service. Hughs elephants (4 in total) killed only 1 blade and 1 psiloi before dieing due to very good combat dice on my part (not something I often type) despite having torrid Cmd Pips (not that's more like normal !). Hugh had a large Cmd of Spearmen (20 ?) which struggled to get into fray due to constricted nature of terrain and having lowest Pip allocation (mostly 1/2's). I managed to break his elephant Cmd and sack camp which combined with other losses took his army over break point just as one of mine went disheartened and only 2me of breaking.
Great game but boy is Dbmm hard to teach as such !! but worth it in the end IMHO

iPhone pics pretty poor quality as I could not find the camera despite remembering about it !!

First turn with Carthaginian elephant corps inbound

Roman right angled to receive elephants with artillery support on left

Roman left anchored on vineyard

Numidians massed on Carthaginian right

Spearmen of Carthage

Elephants advance with lots of regular Spanish AxS
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