Saturday, February 05, 2011

FOGR Later Imperialist versus Later Ottoman Turkish

Played another very entertaining game of FOG Renaissance last night (and part of this morning !) at Stephens facing Ottoman Turks this time. More subtleties in rules becoming apparent as we realised Horse and Cavalry are two slightly different beasts in FOGR. Janissaries are powerful shooters but if you survive their massed volleys they are so so in impact/melee. I tried an out flanking move (first time ever in FOG) with a TC and two units of average Reiters. Arrived about fourth turn but one unit straggled !! Stephen massed his mounted on his right (a mix of carbine & bow armed types) who were a bit out classed by my two Kurrassiers with accompanying Commanded shot. It was here we realised that the Cavalry type can evade if in one line whilst the Kurrassier cannot being Horse class. One quite important mistake we have made in all our games thus far also came to light as we discovered that Artillery always takes a minus Poa shooting at Foot whether Armoured or not meaning usually hit on 5-6 not 4-6 as we had been playing (or 3+ as we made Tercios suffer), they are still potent but not as deadly as we had made them !
We are both seriously considering entering the FOGR competition at Britcon this year instead of Dbmm as we both really like this rule set. Only caveat for me is that games take a long time (slower for us no doubt as we are still learning rule nuances) and think I might struggle to complete any (?) in competition time slots. We played a lot of turns last night and both had attrition points of 4-5 each but not really close to a real decisive outcome. Fine for our friendlies but maybe not so much in competition type setting

More mixed quality iPhone pics (I will remember my camera someday !!)

Imperialist lines at start

Imperial Field Fortifications deployed. Supply camp in forest (we could see nothing to say nay to this)

Turk cavalry massing

Kurrassiers with Commanded Shot

Turk right densely populated 

Imperial left facing off against the Turk hordes prior to charging

Tratischer about to drive off 'skirmishing' Cavalry

More sparsely populated half of table

Kurrassier getting down to business eventually destroying two units of Turk Cavalry

Turk Cavalry after cowardly evading from Heavy Foot charge. Veteran Imperial Pike & Shot unit on right (with Regimental Gun) was shot to destruction by Turk Artillery and Janissaries (bit scary when they roll 8 dice at close range !!)

Lone Reiter arrives on right flank having lost fellow unit to straggling

Mutual approaches in centre
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