Friday, February 18, 2011

Spearhead WWII Game

Played first WWII games in absolute ages today at Stephens using Spearhead rules and 6mm kit with the excellent scenario generation system (by Keith McNelly in NZ). I used 1944 Germans against Stephens 1944 Russian hordes. Scenario system generated Nazis as Hasty Attackers against Ivan defence. Table had been set-up prior to game and we amended slightly for objectives then Ivans picked preferred edge and diced to stay on it which they did. Nazis had 2 Veteran Infantry Battalions with supports from 2 Flak attachments 2 Recce Companies and an Engineer Company along with a Battalion of Tiger 1s (6 Panzers). A battery of Nebelwerfers and 3 x 150mm Artillery along with a lone flight of Fw190s completed Nazi array. The Ivans mustered a full Mechanized Infantry Brigade backed by Katayusha's (mean !!) a Regiment of Su76 one of Su85s and a T34/76 Battalion.
Nazi massed on their left intending to try to hold in centre with one Inf Bttn whilst other attacked forward on left with Tigers in between supporting both. Ivans spread out across table but mainly concealed in woods and entrenchments with 3 Su85s in 'special ambush' (an extra hidden item of scenario system) and T34s in reserve off-table.
Nazis advanced into a hail of artillery & mortar (Katayushas, 76mm Field Guns, 81mm mortars and the Su76s) all firing from concealed support positions behind Inf stands. Nazi recce units suffered horribly as did the Engineer coy which was decimated by an accurate Katayusha strike ! Tigers managed to gain a large hill but suffered losses to the ambushing Su85s and the 76mm guns of Su76/towed batteries. FW190 arrived and only had enemy AA units as targets but managed to kill one. Ivans managed to easily change orders of Bttn on their own left which swung onto the flank of advancing Nazis. T34s arrived and took losses from Tigers but both formations were forced to test morale with Tigers failing and T34s passing twice !! Heavy loss to an Inf Bttn coupled with the Tigers demise lead Nazi commander to yield the field..................
Great to use WWII stuff again and we thought the scenario system was great but our long hiatus from Spearhead rules lead to slow play as we checked and re-checked various aspects but it was beginning to flow again towards the end. Looking forward to another game.

Ivans begin to deploy in defensive posistions

Tigers enter along roadway

Grenadiers advance on left recce to the fore

Ivans entrenched on hill and in woods

Ivan battalion visible to the right which later swung towards centre

German plans revealed

Advance on left with 88mm flak in support

Tigers nose to tail

Second Grenadier battalion

Ivans await

Lots of Commies visible
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