Thursday, April 28, 2011

DBMM Galatians an exercise in frustration

Played a Dbmm game today at Stephens using my Galatians (with borrowed Seleucid ally) against Stephen's Han Chinese. Both looking to try armies for up coming Celtic Cup competition here in Belfast. Boy oh boy are the Galatians frustrating to use against a Regular army that simply moves out of the way of the slow unwieldy warband blocks. Knew that from previous games of course but one always expects more of these wild barbarian types ! Any juicy Han targets simply melted away from the warband advance and they faced LhS mostly. One block that tried to maneuver on my left soon went impetuous (the dread 1 roll) and ended up charging piece meal up a difficult hill and being mauled by PsO. Meanwhile the Galatian Cavalry and Chariots had usual fearsome task of trying to hold up a flank and where overwhelmed by Han Cavalry Light Horse and lots of Auxilia and Bowmen. Only up side for Celts was their CiC managing to kill oppossing Lh ally General  (although it took two goes with a rear attack advantage !). Did kill two of my favoured Artillery enemies but only after losing two warband to 6:1s in melee !! Seleucid contingent was held to slow advance on my right by a group of two Han cavalry only getting into action in last couple of turns and too late to affect outcome. Really like the potential of Galatians (and one of my better painted armies) but suspect that pretty frustrating to use in competition except against a narrow spectrum of opponents. Fine for 'friendlies' or themed competitions not so for open style.
Hmm..............what to use.......................list to be in by 7th May so need to decide soon........................

Lots of crappy iPhone pics

The struggle on Celt left gets nasty

Warband dispersed and heading to doom on hill

Han deployment prior to big sweep to right

Celt left out flanked and out numbered

Seleucids form up

Han bowmen run away

Warband group cohesion being lost

Main warband command advances into target poor environment

Han deployment

Massed warband at startline

Celt left at deployment

Seleucids crawl forward slowed by enemy cavalry
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